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About UpWorthy Jobs

Headquartered in the heart of New York City, UpWorthy is a mission-driven media company on a quest to revolutionize the way the world pays attention. The company was founded 10 years ago and publishes video, graphics, and other content that users can share to entertain their friends and family. Upworthy provides substantial information with the goal to make videos outlining important issues. Our site has hundreds of UpWorthy Jobs.

Recently, UpWorthy has taken a plunge and joined forces with GOOD, a major social impact company and global media brand. The companies underwent a merger and are now aiming to impact the world by becoming the sole leader in social good media and consulting. After the merger, the company now features more than 33 million monthly visitors, 1.2 billion annual video views, 16 million social-media subscribers, and now 276 million monthly social-media viewers.

Upworthy frequently hires new candidates for their remote and telecommute roles. The company highly values all aspects of diversity and encourages its candidates and those who have experience with social media. View some of the jobs below at RemoteGurus and apply to positions at UpWorthy!

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