Find Work From Home Jobs In The Retail Industry

RemoteGurus has curated the perfect list of remote retail jobs to help you accomplish all your career goals from the comfort of your home!

An industry that has truly transitioned during the pandemic is the retail industry. Valued at about USD 23 trillion in 2020, it has continued to grow despite the pandemic and many challenges.

But how was that possible? —By the power of remote work, of course!

While in-store operations ceased, online sales grew by the second! Those employed in the retail industries continued to serve customers online and kept their brands and companies alive!

And while brick-and-mortar stores are now open, the world’s got a taste of online shopping, and there’s no going back. You might as well find your new remote job in the retail industry then!

Let RemoteGurus Help You Find These Jobs In The Retail Industry

Finding a remote job in the retail industry has never been easier!

Retail District Manager (Remote)

Customer Service Representative

Territory Manager

Inventory Control Specialist

Online Store Manager

Sales Associate

Remote Associate Brand Manager

Virtual Sales Associate

Online Store Manager

Employee Relations

Retail Account Executive (Remote)

Retail Sales Supervisor

Sales Support Specialist (Remote)

Brand Ambassador Manager (Remote)

Customer Account Advisor

Sale & Marketing Associate (Remote)

Content Marketer For Brand (Remote)

Sales Agent (Remote)

Client Success Associate (Remote)

Personal Shopper (Online Shopping)

Specialist For Retail


Brand Ambassador Manager (Remote)



Why Choose Remote Retail Jobs?

Gone are the days when you had to manage and maintain physical stores in multiple locations. E-commerce is the future, and remote retail jobs are your way forward!

Not do they allow you to be more productive, but you also get flexible working hours and can serve your customers 24/7. And have we mentioned there are no utility costs involved? That means better profits and a better pay scale for you!

How Can RemoteGurus Help?

Our team at RemoteGurus goes to extra lengths to connect companies looking for remote employees with those looking for remote work in retail.

We screen the jobs and the applicants—all you need to do is choose!

Here’s What Our Users Say About Our Remote Retail Jobs

“I lost my job as a store manager about 2 months into the pandemic and was trying to find jobs within the industry, but no one seemed to be hiring anymore. It was a disappointing few months. Then my old employer suggested I try looking for something on remote RemoteGurus—I landed a job within a week as a virtual visual merchandiser! I’ve been recommending the job portal to everyone since then.”


“I’ve been working as an associate brand manager—it’s my dream job, to say the least, and it’s all thanks to RemoteGurus!

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but the job portal was super easy to navigate. I started applying to a few jobs that caught my interest, and by some miracle, I ended up with the perfect remote job for myself.

I can’t imagine the process being this simple had I been looking for a non-remote job or if I was looking for it without having RemoteGurus by my side.


“I’ve always worked in retail, and as a college student studying business development, my part-time jobs were a great learning source for me. But lately, I was starting to find it hard to manage my on-site job and studies. Luckily, a friend recommended RemoteGurus.

I signed up on their website and had 3 job offers for remote retail work before I even had the chance to resign from my old workplace. It really is a magical portal.”