Work Remotely In The Restaurant And Food Service Industry

RemoteGurus is your one-stop platform to find remote work from home jobs in the restaurant industry. It can also help you find remote workers online for your own food service business.

With technological innovations like cloud kitchens and restaurant management systems, many restaurants with physical locations now have virtual operations as well. Naturally, they need a remote workforce to keep things on track online.

Moreover, with the pandemic shutting down several restaurants for good or long-term, many restaurants had to shift their services online.

This means there are several new remote job opportunities that RemoteGurus is here to connect you with!

Remote Restaurant And Food Services Jobs For You

Help run a restaurant from the comfort of your home!

Director Food Sourcing Services  

Food Service

Senior Marketing Manager

Consumer Insights Analyst (Remote)

Nutrition Services Vendor

Kitchen Helper (Remote)

Client Service Partner

Food Service Training Manager

Dietary Tech

Regional Team Lead For Restaurant (Remote)

Social Media Manager For Restaurant

General Manager

Director of Product

Marketing Specialist For Food Services

Nutrition System Analyst

Retail Grocery and Food Service

Social Media Campaign Specialist

Virtual Restaurant Manager

Customer Service Representative

Graphic Designer For Food Services


Benefits Of Working Remotely At A Restaurant

Typically, working at a restaurant can mean long hours, tough timings, and demanding customers. But virtual restaurants operate in a very different way.

With online operations, long-hour shifts can be managed from the comfort of your home. This way you can be less tired and more productive at your job!




How Can RemoteGurus Help You Find Jobs In The Restaurant Industry?

People often think that there are no remote jobs for them in the restaurant industry. But that’s not true when you sign up with RemoteGurus.

At RemoteGurus, our team works with top restaurants and cafes in the US, Canada, and the UK to curate remote job openings for our users.

The future of the restaurant and food service industry is digital, and RemoteGurus is here to lead you into that future!

So, don’t wait and sign up! Your dream job could be a few clicks away!

Why Users Love RemoteGurus

“To me, working at a restaurant meant being on-site and on your toes for long hours. Frankly, I couldn’t even comprehend the idea of remote work for a restaurant business. But I was surprised with the postings I found on RemoteGurus. There are so many opportunities out there and so many new ways to run a food business! It’s a whole new world, and thanks to RemoteGurus, I’m a part of it now.”


“A restaurant isn’t easy to run—that’s probably why a lot of restaurants fail too. But we’d made it. We were running a successful restaurant with plenty of regular customers until COVID hit.

But we decided not to give up on our business and shifted operations online for food orders and home deliveries. However, we needed remote workers to handle order inflow and other aspects of the virtual restaurant. Luckily, a friend recommended RemoteGurus, and we were able to recruit an entirely remote team within 2 weeks!”


‘’I’ve been trying to find part-time jobs for a while now, but nothing seemed to be working out, and I couldn’t find work I could manage with college. Then a classmate recommended RemoteGurus, and I received an offer at a virtual restaurant within 3 days of signing up!

Remote work at a restaurant is so much easier than an on-site job!”