Remote Jobs In Rhode Island

Do you know 56% of the US workforce holds long-term remote jobs, according to Global Workplace Analytics? The new digital tools and widespread web internet makes remote work feasible.

More firms are shifting to telecommuting, allowing their employees to work from any location. Rhode Island is inarguably one of the best US states to live in. The minimum wage rate in Rhode Island is $12.25 per hour, which is higher than the Federal wage rate of $7.25. No wonder people like to live and raise their families in this state.

Aside from the higher state minimum wage rate, employers in Rhode Island also enjoy government incentives and tax deductions for hiring in-state employees. Hence, more companies prefer hiring remote workers from Rhode Island to avoid negative taxation.

Yet finding remote jobs can be tiring because there are too many listings and recruitment platforms. Whether you’re making a career switch or want to land your dream job, it requires time and effort, if not money!

RemoteGurus has got your back. Search for remote jobs in Rhode Island without worrying about the credibility of job listings. RemoteGurus brings you a user-friendly platform to find high-paying and lucrative job listings in different categories.

What Type of Job Categories Do We Offer?

Even if you know your niche, regularly scouring your way through thousands of job posts can take the living daylight out of you. We help you identify the right jobs by following your person/job philosophy. Browse through our website to find different categories:

Apart from these industries, we also offer accounting, finance, customer service, healthcare, engineering, and administration jobs. Sign up as a job seeker with RemoteGurus to get started:


Why RemoteGurus

We’re proud business partners for some of the world’s leading companies, including IBM, General Electric, JP Morgan, and more.

We have 1,000,000+ monthly visitors looking to connect with recruiters online to build lasting relationships. Our network makes job-hunting seamless and easier for employees and employers. While job seekers in Rhode Island can build their professional resumes, we also offer job advertisement and posting features for employers.

If you’re an employer in Rhode Island looking to recruit in-state remote workers online, you’re at the right place!

Plans for Employers

Finding a reliable pool of candidates can slow down the recruitment process. Our extensive network only allows credible resumes. Expedite your recruitment by accessing our database or post jobs to gain more traction on your job advertisements. We offer different packages to employers so they can find work from home employees online:

Startup Plan

This is the most popular plan among startups and small-medium enterprises. With this plan, you can get email support and reach over 10,000 remote job candidates.

Business Plan

Once you build your employer branding in the market, you can switch to our business plan to expand your workforce. This plan is also for businesses with an already established name in the market. You can reach over 100,000 candidates and a sponsored job post at the top of remote job boards on the website. This plan also includes phone support during working hours and data analytics.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is for medium and large corporations to recruit talented candidates. You can make unlimited posts and reach 1,000,000 job seekers. We offer 24/7 support, 25 sponsored jobs, and a virtual hiring event with this plan.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to recruit talented remote workers today? Start here. Alternatively, if you’re a remote job seeker, you can start your free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee.





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