Find Employees To Hire In Oregon

RemoteGurus can help you build the best remote workforce in Oregon through a perfectly streamlined process.

Like in many other states, the job market in Oregon is currently incredibly tight, with plenty of job openings and apparently not enough unemployed workers. This labor shortage can be an incredible problem for recruiters like yourself!

This is why it could be a great idea to team up with RemoteGurus and let us help you find reliable and talented remote workers for your company.

All you have to do is list a job opening while we’ll take care of all the legwork. From screening candidates to hiring them—we’ll streamline the entire process to make it efficient for your company.

So, don’t wait, and post job openings right away before your competitors do!

Are You Looking For A Remote Job In Oregon? Because RemoteGurus Is Here To Help!

Our team at RemoteGurus can help you find a remote job quickly and effortlessly—all you have to do is sign up and apply for one of these popular jobs!

Legal Specialist

Senior Engineering Manager

Senior Engineering Manager

Senior Manager (Remote)  

Product Marketing Manager   

Underwriting Consultant

Manager of Technical Support  Staff

Senior Data Architect (Remote)

Electrical Engineer (Hybrid)

Account Payable Specialist  

Sales operations Manager

Tapestry Analyst

Staff Accountant

Tax Analyst

Contracts Administration

Technical Product Manager  

Interior Design Consultant (Virtual)


Virtual Dentist (Telehealth)

Technical Writer

Revenue Operations Manager

Senior Claims Representative    

Corporate Customer Success Manager


Relationship Manager

Remote Sales Agent

Contact Center Consultant

Call Center Representative

Claims Coordinator

Voice Over Artist

Financial Analyst  

IT Help desk Technician

Coder 1

Senior Talent Manager

Risk Analyst

Admin Assistant

WFH Admin Position  

Health Equity

Data Entry Specialist

Remote Sales Assistant

Data Analyst



Why Work Remotely In Oregon

There are some incredible work-from-home opportunities in Oregon. Not only do they save you from the bustling city traffic, but they also allow you to work with flexible timings at your own pace. They’re the perfect way to take care of yourself while taking care of your career!


How Can RemoteGurus Help You Find Remote Work In Oregon?

RemoteGurus has a treasure trove of great job opportunities for remote workers and an incredible pool of reliable applicants for companies and recruiters.

We connect them through simple, streamlined processes, saving everyone’s time and effort.

Here’s Why Users Love RemoteGurus

“I’ve never really loved the idea of looking for a job because it’s so tiring and often unrewarding too. But signing up with RemoteGurus was like a dream. Not only is the portal super easy to navigate, but they also have some incredible job postings in Oregon that I haven’t seen anywhere else online. I’ve applied to several and have already heard back from a few. Job search has never been easier!”

  • Davis

“I worked in the food service industry for about 13 years when COVID hit, and I lost my job. The first few months were disappointing because I kept trying to look for a similar job, but no one was hiring.

A friend then suggested RemoteGurus, but I didn’t think I’d find a remote job in the food service industry—because my first thought was ‘how would that even work?’ But I’ve been so surprised with the world of remote opportunities out here. This has been such a great experience!”

  • Thomas

“As a graphic illustrator, I’ve done some of my best work at home on my personal desk, and I think I can say this for every artist—nothing inspires you like your own space. Thanks to RemoteGurus, I have a plethora of remote job opportunities to choose from, and I see myself a lot closer to my career goals!”

  • Simpson