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The trend of remote working in Indiana has flourished like no other state. A survey conducted by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce also indicated that the businesses in Indiana will continue to increase flexibility for office workers, and a permanent increase in WFH was predicted in the same report.

In the same report,937 Indiana employers were surveyed, and 22% of them claimed that they had planned for expanding remote work moving forward. A majority of companies have learned the use of technological platforms for improving efficiency at work and this is certainly good news for the people who want to work from home even after the pandemic ends.

To make the shift successful, however, employers need to be careful about hiring workers who have a good command of technological tools and are technically sound. Regardless of the nature of the job, technological knowledge has become a necessity to achieve success for people looking to work remotely.  

To help people find a remote job that meets their salary requirements, and help employers recruit the right individuals for their company, RemoteGurus offers a user-friendly job board.

Whether you reside in Adams County, Boone County, or anywhere else in Indiana, you can use this platform to post or search for remote jobs in the US, US, or Canada.

Why Us?

At RemoteGurus, we aim to revolutionize the way, remote jobseekers and employers connect! We understand the challenges you may encounter while looking for remote work and It’s our primary goal to help people in Indiana find remote jobs, quickly, seamlessly, easily, and safely.

Our mission to transform the remote job searching process is the driving force behind our success and popularity among remote workers and employers in the US. We host more than 1,000,000 full-time and part-time workers and some of the biggest companies like IBM, General Electric, and JP Morgan.  

We aim to put forward telecommuting success as it is certainly the future of work in coming years.

At RemoteGurus, you can find jobs in the following categories.

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RemoteGurus for Jobseekers

RemoteGurus is a job search website that helps jobseekers find WFH job leads that offer real pay for real work. Searching for remote jobs on the web can take a huge chunk of your time, and this is where RemoteGurus comes to the rescue.


We save you from the frustration of browsing through several anonymous jobsites, and career pages by offering you a curated database of remote jobs.

RemoteGurus offers the following packages for jobseekers:


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Sign up for our standard package and access unlimited job offers. We also offer email support to our standard users during business hours.


Want to stand out among the rest of the remote job applicants? Want to get in touch with potential employers?

You’re in luck.

Our professional package for job seekers helps you do just that. With this package, you can chat with potential employers, get resume revision services and acquire phone call support from our representatives during business hours.

Choosing the right plan isn’t an easy task for everyone and hence with every plan, RemoteGurus provides a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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RemoteGurus for Employers

RemoteGurus offers the easiest way to recruit the world’s top remote talent.

If you want to access our massive remote workers’ community of marketers, copywriters, engineers, customer support specialists, accountants, and more, you can join us today!

We can help you connect with some of the brightest minds in the world. Recruiting the right workers online is certainly a challenge, but we’re making the process easier than ever!

Currently, we offer the following packages for employers;

Startup plan

Our startup plan is specifically designed for new businesses who want to join a large community of remote workers and hire workers for different responsibilities. We also offer email support to help you sort out different problems you may encounter in using our platform and connecting effectively with employees.

Business plan

Want to become visible to our 100,000+ community?

Want to get featured on our portal? Signup for our business plan and get access to all these features and more at an affordable price.

Enterprise plan

The most exclusive and exciting plan for large enterprises! This plan allows you to reach more than 1,000,000 excellent job seekers, get 24/7 phone support from our team, make unlimited job posts and get advanced branding services. By subscribing to this plan, you can also become a part of our exclusive virtual hiring event.

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