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Oklahoma has one of the hottest job markets in the US, yet finding your dream job in the bustling state can be quite a task.

Luckily for you, though, a lot of businesses and companies have shifted to remote and hybrid models, and we’ve worked with them to ensure that you have plenty of job opportunities waiting for you when you start applying.

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Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Jobs In Oklahoma Right Now

RemoteGurus is a treasure trove of incredible remote job postings, and a quick search can help you find a job you’ll love! Like one of these may be:

Remote Sales Executive

Claims Operations Analyst

Office Clerk (Remote)

Construction Project Estimator (Remote)  

Customer Service Representative

Product Design Researcher

Population Health Specialist (Hybrid)  

Data Entry

Community Outreach

Support Engineer   

Help Desk Support Technician

Patient Care Advocate

Territory Manager    

Account Fleet Coordinator

Marketing Specialist (Remote)

Remote Audit Supervisor

Notary Signing Agent

Assistant General Counsel

Teacher Assistant (Remote)  

Remote Benefits Advocate

Contract Administrator

Inside Sales Coordinator

Temp. Disaster Grants Specialist

Writing Tutor (Part-Time)

Accounting Clerk

Material Damage Adjuster



Why Working Remotely In Oklahoma Is A Great Idea

Oklahoma has plenty of job opportunities, but when you enter the virtual world, you’d have so much more options and greater choices. Being open to the idea of remote work will make your life easier!


How Can RemoteGurus Help You Find Remote Work In Oklahoma?

At RemoteGurus, we’ve partnered with some of the leading companies in Oklahoma to ensure you have the best options to choose from when it comes to remote jobs.

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