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Nebraska has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. Nebraska, along with other rural states, records lower unemployment rates than the national average. The state Department of Labor (DOL) reported a 1.8% unemployment in 2021. No other US state has seen its unemployment rate drop below 2% since 1976 data collection. You may think it’s due to better jobs, but it’s actually because there are fewer people per job. More people are associated with agricultural business and food production – the essentials for everyone.

Say goodbye to hard labor and switch to more laid-back and convenient jobs.

How? Two words: Remote Work.

A remote job is your key to freedom. Find your niche and start capitalizing on it.

Where To Begin?

Start with RemoteGuru. Start with us!

As the #1 website for job seekers and employers, our platform is frequented by thousands of visitors every month. We help you find work-from-home jobs in Nebraska so you can enjoy your work instead of dreading it. Our remote job boards include over 1,000,000 work-from-home and part-time jobs for convenience-seeking individuals like you!

Why Remote Jobs?

Although we’re in a post-pandemic era yet, remote work is here to stay. It’s no longer a trend but a norm. People look for more flexibility and convenience in their lives. Work from home jobs allows people to work from the comfort of their homes without compromising their personal life.

Remote jobs are popular among Gen Z and Millennials looking to set their work schedule. Many young job seekers also opt for remote jobs because they can quench their wanderlust while paying for their needs.


Visit our website to search for remote jobs online. We have multiple job listings for a variety of industries, including IT, hospitality, government, logistics and transportation, and insurance – to name a few. Our remote jobs boards consist of some high-paying and renowned multinational companies.

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How Does RemoteGurus Help?

RemoteGurus employs a team of trained staff who are constantly working on updating job board portals for job seekers in Nebraska. You can apply for any job that meets your skillset, requirements, and qualification. The process is simple and result-oriented!

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You can find employees in Nebraska to expand your remote workforce base. Browse through our platform to find the best candidates with the right skillset in different industries. Whether you’re looking for a sales representative or talent acquisition recruiter, you can find the right person for the right job at RemoteGurus.

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“I didn’t want to take on an agricultural job. With a major in marketing, my goal was to utilize my learning in a better place. I heard about RemoteGurus through a friend, and work has been a delight since then. I work remotely and help my father in the field when he needs me.”

Jacob Briggs

“As a mother of two, I found it hard to get back in the job market. I needed to find a job that offered a flexible work schedule. Thanks to RemoteGurus, now I work remotely and still take care of my babies.”

Amy Miller


Grand Island




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