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With the countless shifts and alterations brought by the COVID-19, the year 2020 will be remembered in history as a turning point. While the upheavals significantly influenced our personal lives, they also had a significant adverse effect on our working lives. Many companies were temporarily closed worldwide, but this event also provided an opportunity for many innovative businessmen to start their firms and make efficient use of global talent acquisition outsourcing.

According to a study of 140 professionals conducted in December 2021, over 70% of respondents claimed their firm's workplaces are now operational.  Sixty-six percent of the administrators indicated they had reverted to or wanted to go back to a conventional job structure, with some or all staff going back to work. However, 3 out of 5 stated they would implement some flexible planning, with a few or all employees working remotely.

According to a survey conducted in 2020, 83 percent of the employers in the US considered remote work to be a success. Although most employers and employees prefer working from home, they have a hard time looking for reliable and trustworthy leads and fear getting scammed by job searching platforms.

RemoteGurus is an online platform that connects job seekers and employers and allows job searchers to get remote, work from home, and telecommute jobs in well-known and reputable organizations. RemoteGurus also helps to hire managers to create a talented and qualified team of individuals without worrying about geographical barriers.

Why RemoteGurus?

RemoteGurus is an online recruitment portal that links job hunters with recruiters, allowing them to apply for remote career opportunities with well-known and respectable companies. RemoteGurus focuses on providing remote jobs in many sectors, particularly Human resources and IT. The well-known job board provides a list of hand-screened positions in various fields. Hiring managers in the Human resources and IT industries advertise their openings frequently on this job board, resulting in a plethora of remote career options for anyone interested in these professions.

You can hunt for many remote work openings digitally, eliminating the need to sift through untrustworthy applications and postings. Save effort and cost by investing your money into RemoteGurus to kickstart your career or enlarge your personnel.



Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, Engineering, Administrative, Customer Service, Information Technology, Human Resources, Education and Banking are just a few of the sectors and profession areas we serve. Find your area of expertise and begin applying for a remote job through our online job board.

Employees may search and find jobs with a single click, thanks to RemoteGurus wide career opportunity database and user-friendly design. When job searchers qualify for job vacancies, the site prompts them to develop profiles, which are then submitted to the appropriate recruiters.

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Are you thinking of hiring highly-qualified workers for your firm? Then, check out our recruitment platform. We assure you'll only find pre-screened and credible applications on our platform. Pick an employer plan:

If you're a startup business looking to expand your reach, avail our startup plan now to reach over 10,000 applicants and email support from our team. The business plan is best suited for medium enterprises or companies with an already established employer brand. This plan lets you access 100,000+ applicants, sponsored job posts, and phone support. Our enterprise plan is an all-inclusive plan best suited for large corporations to unleash advanced features, including sponsored posts, unlimited job postings, and 24/7 phone support from our team.

Job Seekers In Maine

RemoteGurus offers two specific kinds of bundles for all job seekers. The perks of remote work outweigh its cons. You can avail these perks too with our two affordable and professional packages for job seekers:

The standard plan is right for entry-level workers in Iowa. Access unlimited job postings and get email support. The professional plan helps you stand out in the crowd. Keep your application on the top and directly message 1,000+ employers. Our professional career counselor also reviews your resume to get your application noticed.

So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your remote job career in Maine. Or, expand your network by hiring remote workers online with RemoteGurus. All you need to do is sign up to start your journey.

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