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Remote Jobs in New Jersey

The unprecedented rise in globalization and advances in information technology are gradually transforming the nature of work in New Jersey and several other US states. As the number of remote workers in the US continues to increase several businesses have also transitioned to a hybrid or completely virtual work culture.

Today, several companies in New Jersey, hire teleworkers, mobile workers, and e-lancers to improve their productivity. Some businesses also make global teams and use cutting-edge technological methods for effective communication and collaboration among the employees. The future of work in New Jersey seems to bring plenty of remote jobs and work-from-home opportunities for its citizens.

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Why Us?

RemoteGurus is a world-class career website and the best place to post and search for remote jobs. They feature thousands of active job postings from reputable organizations every day, all of which are properly organized in different categories. From entry-level remote jobs to high-level management jobs, you can post and search all types of jobs at RemoteGurus.

At RemoteGurus we have more than 1,000,000 full-time and part-time workers from the US, UK, and Canada. This helps our clients from Bergen County, Hudson Country, Warren County, and several other counties in New Jersey build online connections and become visible to other members of our remote workers’ community, which includes CEOs, hiring managers, senior executives, and more!

Job Categories at RemoteGurus

A wide variety of promising and exciting remote jobs are listed on RemoteGurus. These categories include:

Employers and employees can choose a category according to their needs and use our platform to post and explore jobs without any hassle.


RemoteGurus for Jobseekers

Want to land a high-paying remote job in New Jersey? At RemoteGurus, we strive to help New Jersey residents increase their job search options, in the following ways:


Are you struggling to find a reputable job searching platform so you won’t lose your dream job in New Jersey? With our standard package, we allow you to access as many job offers as you can!

On top of that, we understand that, on your job hunt, you may need additional help from a professional. For that reason, our representatives are always ready to help you resolve your issues via email.


Want to directly communicate with potential employers? Our professional package will allow you to chat directly with employers, get resume revision services from our experienced team and acquire phone support from us, during business hours.

In addition to this, we also allow our professional plan subscribers to make featured job applications, so they appear on the top of employers’ lists.

Choosing the right plan is certainly very difficult.  If you’re worried about wasting your money on the wrong plan, you can start a free trial as we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

RemoteGurus for Employers

To keep a business running, you need to be mindful of the workers you’re hiring for conducting various jobs. Whether you need to hire employees to start a new project, fill up a job vacancy, or build a new team, RemoteGurus can help!

Let’s look at our subscription plans for employers:

Startup plan

Best for new entrepreneurs and small businesses, our startup plan allows you to connect with our 10,000+ community of remote workers.

Business plan

If you need to hire a new team to grow your business, this plan is just made for you! If you subscribe to this plan, we’ll mark you as a featured employer, and you’ll become more visible to potential job applicants.

Enterprise plan

Specifically designed for medium to large-scale businesses, our enterprise plan offers you an extremely advanced and seamless recruitment platform, with everything offered in the basic plans and much more! Some notable additional features of our enterprise plan include analytics, sponsored job posts, branding, and a virtual hiring event.

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