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As a result ofCOVID-19, many people have lost their employment, and an increasing number of businesses have postponed their return to work. According to recent LinkedIn statistics, remote workis becoming increasingly popular.

As per the WalletHub report, Delaware is among the top regions for remote employment. The web page compared each region based onseveral significant indicators and a couple of other aspects such as affordability. Delaware ranked third on the ranking board.

According to updated information from LinkedIn's Financial Structure crew, 35.9% of open positionsin Wilmington, Delaware, are for teleworking, ranking it the third-highest region for telecommuting opportunities in the United States.

Teleworking sanctuaries are typically located near natural areas, such as hills or seashores, and have relatively low accommodation costs. Consulting profession, copywriting, Information system, medication reconciliation, data science, and virtual education are among thejobs workers are searching for in Delaware.

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We've learned from the outbreak that many professions don't demand individuals to leave their residences. It's the internet age, and we live in digital environments, so it's only natural to work in them. At RemoteGurus, we want to help make it a reality.

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