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Looking for a job in Connecticut? Consider working remotely! It’s comfortable flexible, and you save time, effort, and a fair amount of money too!

The unemployment rate in Connecticut is a cause of concern across the board. The job market has suffered significantly due to the pandemic, and things haven’t changed much since COVID-19 first arrived.

If you’ve been unemployed due to the pandemic, it’s time to start looking for remote jobs in Connecticut. Working from home isn’t affected by any restrictions posed by the virus, and at RemoteGurus, we make sure to make the most of this added benefit.

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Contract Administrator  

Customer Support Specialist

Customer Success Associate

Resiliency Analyst 

Technical Editor

Human Resource Specialist

 Underwriting Specialist

Program Coordinator

Production Editor

Business Analyst

Account Manager

Data Analyst

Project Coordinator 

IT Sales force Intern

HR Generalist

Systems Analyst

Insurance Claims Associate

Financial Analyst

Executive Assistant  

Senior Buyer Contract Consultant

Senior Accountant

Senior Product Owner 

Category Insights Executive

Associate Director

Tax Analyst

Product Support Consultant

Sales Account Executive

Senior Actuary  

Recruiting Coordinator

Tax Analyst

Employee Engagement Manager (Remote)

Project Engagement Lead

Operations Specialist

Relocation Consultant 

Solution Architect

Senior Analyst

Senior Data Modeler

Associate Account Manager




Why Work Remotely In Connecticut

The pandemic has shown us that too many jobs out there can be done remotely from the comfort of our homes with much greater efficiency! The future is digital, and you should be a part of it!

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How Can RemoteGurus Help You Find Remote Work In Connecticut?

At RemoteGurus, we believe in supporting you in reaching your goals on your terms! This is why we strive to bring Connecticut's best remote work opportunities to your computer screens!

Here’s Why Users Love RemoteGurus

“I lost my regular job as a marketing manager during the pandemic and tried to find a new job in the industry for months until giving up and starting my own business. Sadly, it wasn’t the best time to start a business either, so I had to shut it down a few months later.

 Luckily, I came across RemoteGurus while searching for jobs and found a job within 2 days of signing up. I’ve been working as a marketing specialist remotely for about 6months, and it has been so much better than my previous on-site job.”


“I used to run a successful food service business before the pandemic. I used to be on my toes for 12 hours every day, and those first few weeks in lockdown were incomprehensible, to say the least. I soon had to consider the idea of shutting down my business for good, but a friend suggested that I move my food business online and continue serving with remote help. RemoteGurus helped me find my stellar remote crew, and together, we’ve made it through the pandemic! So glad to have found this team through this portal.”


“It took me exactly a week between losing my job and finding a new one on RemoteGurus. This job postings site is incredible and will now always be my go-to source for remote work opportunities. Would highlight recommend to anyone looking for work from home jobs.”






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