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Our team at RemoteGurus has rounded up the complete list of real estate jobs to help you get started as a Realtor right away.

The real estate market is expanding at an unprecedented rate here in the US, and with remote real estate jobs available now, there’s no reason for you not to make the most of these real estate growth trends.

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Real Estate Jobs You Can Do From Home By Applying With RemoteGurus

Becoming successful in the real estate industry has never been easier

Junior Mortgage Processor  

Real Estate Video Editor

Real Estate Agent (Remote)

Virtual Assistant   

Real Estate Acquisitions Specialist (Remote)

Real Estate Manager

Real Estate Contract Instructor (Livestream/Remote)

Settlement Coordinator (Remote)

Real Estate Cold Caller

Real Estate Title Examiner

Administrative Assistant

Real Estate Video Producer & Editor

Real Estate Copywriter   

Real Estate Acquisitions Manager Sales Rep

Real Estate Sales Agent   

Real Estate Call Intake Specialist

Real Estate Database Assistant

Loan Processor

Remote Mortgage Processor

Virtual Property Manager

Managing Broker

Real Estate Appointment Setter

Relocation Consultant  

Mortgage Internal Auditor

Licensing Specialist (Real Estate/Remote)

Mortgage Loan Processor/Originator

Loan Administrator


Senior Property Accountant



Why Choose Remote Real Estate Jobs?

As rewarding as a career can be in the real estate industry, it’s just as challenging too. Because when it comes to conventional real estate jobs, there’s a lot of running around and deadlines to keep track of.

However, remote real estate jobs can help you get a kickstart in your journey by giving you the chance to learn from the comfort of your home while keeping up with all the million tasks and due dates.

How Can RemoteGurus Help You Find Jobs In The Real Estate Industry?

At RemoteGurus, we’re focused exclusively on connecting employers trying to find remote workers onlinewith dedicated individuals like you, who’re willing to put in the effort and hours while staying at home!

Here’s What Our Users Say About Our Remote Real Estate Jobs

“I always wanted to work in real estate, but I never got around to it because I thought it was difficult to get started, and even more so to keep up. But exploring the jobs at RemoteGurus made me realize that the real estate job market is actually easier to enter than I thought. Also, since working remotely is now an option in real estate, it makes work more manageable for me in the long run.”


“I’ve always been a stay-at-home parent, and frankly speaking, there wasn’t really much time for me to hold down a job while the kids were younger—there’d always this game or that meeting and endless carpools.

But now that the kids are older, I really wanted to start working in the real estate industry again.

So, a friend recommended RemoteGurus, and I’m glad they did. Because had it not been for the remote jobs listed here, I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten the courage or the energy to start working again.”


“Real estate has always been my passion, but it’s been really hard to keep up in the industry during the pandemic—mainly due to all the social distancing measures we need to be mindful of now. Plus, I wanted to switch to a well-established real estate company here in the US, but until I signed up with RemoteGurus, I didn’t even realize that all my dream jobs were pretty much waiting for me to go remote!

I got 3 offers within the first week on this job portal, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone since!”