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Remote Jobs in Pennsylvania 

As the sixth-largest economy in the United States, Pennsylvania has a huge remote working community with over 5 percent of citizens working from home full-time. These figures show how the ongoing trend of remote working is here to stay in major cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Lancaster, and Erie.

With people getting an idea of how easy it is to manage expenses and a work-life balance with remote work compared to traditional 9–5 jobs, they want to work from home full time.

Remotegurus makes job recruitment easier by providing employers with top-notch candidates and job-seekers with high-paying remote jobs that are best suited to their skillset.

Why Choose Remotegurus

At Remtoegurus, we bring together potential job candidates with employers and top companies like General Electric, GP. Morgan, IBM, and more. We bridge the gap between job searching and employee seeking, providing a user-friendly platform that benefits both remote workers and employers.

Browse through a wide variety of remote jobswe offerin the following categories:

Remotegurus for Job Seekers 

Searching for a permanent work-from-home opportunity where you no longer have to grind from 9-5? Choose Remotegurus today and browse through a variety of remote and part-time jobs.


With our help, you can work the way you want with an increased salary, work-life balance, and autonomy, something not found in traditional job roles.

Our two packages made especially for remote workers are:

  • Standard: Getunlimited job offers and get additional email support with our standard package
  • Professional: Avail extra features like messaging employers, resume revision, phone call support, among others.

With us, you also get a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

RemoteGurus for Employers

Finding the right employee is sometimes called a game of chance, but at Remotegurus, we make it more logical, straightforward, and easy. We will connect you with top-job seekers that fit your job profileall across the US.

We offer special packages for employers, businesses, and companies to make use of our services efficiently:

  • Startupplan: Reachover 10,000 potential applicants.
  • Businessplan:Increases your visibility and makes you a featured employer at our portal.
  • Enterprise plan: Get unlimited access to advanced features such as branding, sponsored posts, and unlimited job posts.

Searching for an employee or a part-time job in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Lancaster, Erie, or others? Connect with us today and make your search easier.