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About Magna Legal Services

Headquartered in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Magna Legal Services offers legal guidance and support to companies, agencies, and other law firms across the United States. Founded in 2007, the company's goal is to provide legal support in a high quality manner.

Magna Legal Services provides deposition, court reporting, document management, jury research, graphics consulting, trial presentation, and e-discovery services. The company's consultants support clients throughout the legal process and guide them on each case from the viewpoint of decision-makers. The Magna Legal Services have a strong understanding of how arbitrators, judges, and jurors think. 

Magna Legal Services offers its employees the ability to work from home. The company looks for independent, and results-oriented professionals with a desire to deliver some of the best legal services in the world. View some of the recently added jobs at RemoteGurus below, and sign up for a job profile today.



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