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The IT sector generally deals with systems and other frameworks of communication. It also deals in telecommunications and usually any field that consists of technology for information and data transmission

Since IT employees' work revolves around technology, they can work remotely. They can easily offer technical expertise and support to businesses from home or another remote location.

Corporate giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple give their IT employees the freedom and autonomy to work the way they want. Such remote workers can manage their personal and professional life better if their work is flexible and gives them independence.

During the pandemic, employees and IT professionals understood the importance of working remotely. The remote work allowed room for a shift in working plans and much more benefits. Nowadays, many people have switched to part-time and remote jobs from full-time office jobs. Companies are hiring employees who can work remotely to increase agility and work performance.

However, people find it difficult to look for jobs for which they are qualified and suit them well. In the same manner, organizations also struggle to recruit employees who meet their requirements. This is where RemoteGurus comes to the rescue!  


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RemoteGurus is a venture of Silicon Valley that connects people looking for remote and part-time jobs online with employers recruiting such employees. It's the #1 platform to look for remote jobs for people from different industries and has one of the largest communities of employees and employers.

Currently, RemoteGurus has 1,000,000 part-time and full-time employees on board who are ready to get hired. We have prominent companies like United Health Group, JP Morgan, Chase & Co, IBM, and General Electric on board.

RemoteGurus commonly post jobs for IT professionals, such as:

  • Computer research scientist
  • Database manager
  • Systems integration engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Web developer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Systems administrator
  • User Interface designer
  • Information security analyst
  • Application developer
  • Software developer
  • Database administrator
  • Information technology manager

Benefits for Employers

As you settle into your new remote work routine, you should know about any career prospects and opportunities that come your way. RemoteGurus can help you stay connected with the best employment opportunities in the US. We can help you find individuals that will help define the future of your company.

Our online job search platform offers three different business packages. If you're a startup looking to plant your feet in the industry, you can sign up for our starter package.

Our business package is perfect for you if you're already an established business looking to expand your operations to capture the market and gain a competitive edge.

And if you're a giant in your own right looking to revolutionize the industry, we can provide you with the industry's future leaders to guide the way. RemoteGurus enterprise package can connect you to qualified employees that your business needs.

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Benefits for Employees

 if you're a professional looking to work remotely from the comfort of your own home, you can sign up with RemoteGurus to raise your job profile. We can also help you create a resume that best reflects your expertise and value.

 Our standard package can be your way in if you're looking to establish yourself in the IT sector. But if you are well versed in the industry with a few years of experience, our professional package will be right for you.

With our help, you can receive numerous IT job offers from like-minded businesses to join their teams.

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Data security analyst

Network/cloud engineer

Systems engineer

Data scientist

Senior web developer

Software engineer

Network/cloud architect

Site reliability engineer

Information and cybersecurity