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In Georgia, 5.6 percent of the population works remotely, with major cities witnessing a high job growth rate. This state is an excellent place to search for remote work, with many major corporations and companies in Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, and Augusta offering remote work opportunities.

Remote work has benefitted employees with a better work-life balance, reducedcommute stress, increased independence, savings, and boosted productivity. The opportunity has shown great potential for employers with motivated staff, cost savings, loyalty, productivity, and more.

However, searching for a remote job and remote workers remains an issue for many recruiters and job seekers. To simplify the process, RemoteGurus provide both employers and potential employees a remote work community to connect.

Why Choose Remotegurus

We're a Silicon Valley-based internet company with over 1,000,000 full-time and part-time workers on board. We make the job and employee search easier, providing thousands of hand-screened jobs in Finance, HR, and more.

Browse through a wide variety of remote jobs in the following categories on our platform:

Remotegurus for Job Seekers

 If working 9–5 isn't something you wantanymorewe'll help you find remote working opportunities.


We'll help revise your resume and make you more accessible to potential employers. With our remote and part-time jobs, you'll start working in a more flexible and independent environment, with an increased work-life balance.

To start your journey, choose between our two packages for remote workers:

  • Standard: Get access to unlimited jobs and email support.
  • Professional: Get bonus features like messaging employers, resume revision, phone call support, among others.

Whichever package you opt for, get a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Remote Gurus for Employers

Finding the right employee is more than just luck; with Remotegurus, you get access to over 1,000,000 job applicants searching for remote jobs. We'll help you connect with top-tier job seekers across the U.S to ensure you get an employee that fits all your criteria.

We make recruitment easier for you by offering various packages for businesses and companies to choose from.

  • Startup plan: Reach over 10,000 potential applicants.
  • Business plan: Increase your visibility and become a featured employer at our portal.
  • Enterprise plan: Get unlimited access to advanced features such as branding, sponsored posts, and unlimited job posts.

Whether you're a recruiter or a job applicant searching for a remote job in Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, Augusta, or other areas in Georgia, connect with us today and begin your job search or recruitment.




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