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Florida is climbing the ladder of the remote workforce, ranking as the 9th best state for remote jobs and outranking 42 other states. Statistics are eye-opening: Florida also ranked 5th in terms of projected job growth from 2018 to 2028, with 24.3% growth expected in remote jobs in Florida.

With the pandemic forcing companies to work remotely, many recruits have realized the importance working from home carries. Employees' level of productivity has seen a boost during the remote job wave that COVID-19 brought forth, with them maintaining a better work-life balance than in the pre-pandemic era.

Employers have benefited from remote working with lower infrastructure and maintenance costs and increased workflow and productivity. Companies and businesses in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville now are openly advocating the importance of remote work, giving their employees a choice to choose what works for them.

Remotegurus, an online recruitment site, is making the process of finding part-time jobs and recruiting employees easier, providing them with a job searching platform.

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We're the largest remote work recruitment site that connects remote workers with employers and companies that offer remote work opportunities across the US, Canada, and England.  

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Remote Gurus for Employers

Need top candidates who are excellent at their job? We'll help you connect with full-time and part-time remote workers to make your job easier.

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Are you finding a remote job or hiring part-time employees in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, or other cities in Florida? Connect with us today and find the right job for you.



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