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About Capella University

Capella University is a well recognized and accredited online university that has been serving adults since 1993. Today, Capella University has over 40,000 students and operates across all 50 States in U.S., and over 60 countries worldwide. Capella University offers advanced degrees in areas such as human resource management, counseling, business, education, health, administration, information technology, public health, psychology, social work, nonprofit management, and much more.

Capella University offers a premium and quality education through its online teaching platform, and supports over 50 degree programs, 150 specializations, and over 25 certification programs. The University is on a mission to help working professionals realize their dreams of achieving a graduate education with the flexibility of online learning. Capella University is a subsidiary of Capella Education, which is a leader in online education. 

Headquartered in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Capella University employees over 3,000 faculty members. Capella University offers its employees a competitive benefits package which includes medical coverage, tuition reimbursement, and telecommuting. Browse some of the recently added remote jobs at RemoteGurus below, and sign up for a job profile today.

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