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YouTube History: How the Video-Sharing Website Became Popular

YouTube History: How the Video-Sharing Website Became Popular

Video streaming has successfully marked its presence in the world. Everyone from toddlers to adults is seen watching different videos on YouTube. With almost two billion users worldwide and trillions of streams, YouTube offers substantial money-making opportunities for influencers, content creators, and entrepreneurs.   

Statistics show that YouTube will continue to be a rich vein, with advertising revenue surpassing $7 billion in 2021. Moreover, the company has given dedicated YouTubers over $30 billion during the past three years.

But have you ever wondered how it all started? Who introduced YouTube? Is it a good investment? Well, sit tight as RemoteGurus takes you on a trip down memory lane to understand the historical background of YouTube. We'll also assist you in understanding how and when to begin reaping the rewards of producing interesting content through YouTube marketing.

Understanding The Historical Background Of YouTube

Sixteen years ago, Alphabet Inc. purchased YouTube. However, YouTube was not financially viable back in 2006. Google didn't buy the business for its profitability. Eventually, Google purchased YouTube when its popularity was at an all-time high, and it had issues with its online video streaming services.

It was expected that copyright issues would be fixed when Google purchased YouTube. Copyright issues on YouTube relate to how the service utilizes different measures to safeguard video creators' ownership and their right to utilize their content. Over the years, YouTube has faced several challenges regarding copyright claims in its initial years. But thanks to technological advancements in the digital industry, web designers and coders overcame this issue.

A person using YouTube on a laptop

Moreover, as user-generated videos streamed every day, marketing professionals began to notice an excessive amount of videos had objectionable content. So Google took charge to restrict these videos by introducing the report option.

While advertising rates dropped, advertisers switched back to online marketing. However, Google kept funding YouTube even though the gross margin prediction was poor. Several YouTube videos produced minimal revenue due to poor ad rates and people's proclivity to skip ads.   

Google claims that there are numerous methods to improve YouTube. One is a quarterly subscription that enables you to access an ad-free version of YouTube with prime videos that is only accessible to those who pay. The company introduced YouTube Red, a video platform designed to compete with Netflix that allowed people to access ad-free material and listen to music without interruptions for 10 dollars per month. 

A YouTuber uploading a video on their channel  

YouTube announced relaunching the brand as YouTube Premium in the third quarter of 2018, along with a separate premium subscription for YouTube Audio. Although it's ad-free, a membership version offers track downloads for offline access along with ad-free streaming and playing backdrop streaming. Starting in 2021, YouTube offered a 30-day free trial. The trend continues today.

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Why Is Video Streaming Popular In Today's World

The following factors highlight why video streaming is a booming industry, especially among millennials and Gen Z:

1. It Helps You To Express

One of the most important factors of video content creation is that you freely express yourself. You can express your sexual orientation, political views, interests, and more. This can helps introverts to overcome the fear of social anxiety.  

2. Easy Way To Make Money Online

Becoming a YouTuber has become a dream for many people. Video streaming has proven to be a promising high-salary career option for the past ten years. All you need is a loyal fan base to earn money online. Most YouTubers advertise different companies' products through their videos to earn passive income. For example, Ryan Kaji, the youngest YouTuber, earns millions by giving toy reviews.     

A YouTuber making a vlog  

3. It's A Cost-effective Option To Make Money Online

Another major aspect that makes live streaming popular in today's world is its affordability. You can do it for free from anywhere and anytime. No specialized technology, programming, or expertise is required. You only need a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet and an updated YouTube account.  

It's available to anyone with only one click, unlike conventional blogging and interactive marketing, which generally require equipped software packages.  

A YouTuber making a promotional video for a company  

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