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Top 9 Benefits of Remote Work

Top 9 Benefits of Remote Work

When the pandemic hit the world and workplaces came up with an alternate strategy of working remotely, we all loathed it. Did you also think that it’d just make you lazy, affect your productivity, and it’d get too frustrating to be working from home with your kids crying around?

We all did despise it to some extent, but with time it felt great to be working at your own pace rather than running around with the hand of a clock. Many employers have started preferring to hire part-time employees and employees have started searching for work-from-home jobs.

Let’s take a look at how it’s been rather beneficial now that employees prefer taking remote jobs.

It's Easier to Maintain a Balance

In 2020, around 36% of people in the US stated that it was easier for them to take care of the family, pets, and their relatives with a remote job.

It’s a lot more convenient to maintain a work-life balance when you’re working from home. You can run important errands and enjoy a morning fitness routine. You no longer have to fret about waking up at 8 am sharp, gulping the latte to make it in time to your workplace.

Enjoy Leisure Time

Rewind a few years before the pandemic had hit us all. The same old routine of coming home tired from the office, feeling frustrated, and just wanting to go to bed. We understand how guilty you felt that you couldn't spend quality time with your family.

However, remote work has truly made a huge difference. Rather than coming back home from work annoyed and frustrated, you feel fresh once you're done with the day's tasks while working from home. That, in turn, makes it easier to enjoy a cozy movie night with your partner or have a little chit-chat with your kids over tea-time.

Say Goodbye to the Time Wasted in Traffic

On average, people who travel to work by bus spend 46.6 minutes of their day in commute only. Oh, and we're talking about a one-way commute here. You can imagine what a big chunk of your time goes into traveling while working from the office.

Sadly, it's not only your time that gets wasted, but you also end up getting headaches due to the noise and air pollution you're exposed to. It also leads to other health issues like cholesterol and risks of depression. However, while working from home you don't just avoid traveling in the metro for hours, but you also feel much healthier.

Enjoy Your Independence!

You can work at your own pace! No, we certainly don’t mean that you shouldn't tell your boss you didn't complete the task because you woke up late.

Rather, we mean it in terms of flexibility. If you’re a night owl and always loathed waking up early to reach your workplace, working from home is a dream come true for you. If you feel more productive at night, you can simply do the tasks at night, unless you’ve got meetings to attend in the morning.

Increased Productivity Levels

Imagine having a terrible headache while you're at the office, but you need to finish the work regardless before going home. Not only will it affect your work quality, but it will can also make your health deteriorate.

Nonetheless, while working remotely, you can always take a break and get back to the task when you feel better. Yes, you can totally nap for a while, wake up fresh, and start working again. It'll boost your productivity and ensure that the work isn’t compromised.

Easier to Get That Dream Job!

You reside in California, but the company you've always wanted to work at is in a different state; with a remote job, it's possible to make your dreams come true.

You don't have to compromise anymore and make a choice between either relocating or giving up on your passion. Remote work has made it a win-win situation.

It also opens up various job opportunities for you, regardless of your geographic location. It's particularly helpful if you reside in a small town with limited opportunities. 23% of the citizens have benefited from being able to live where they wanted. You can easily look up work from home jobs.

Lots of Savings!

You don’t have to spend your dollars on fuel, transport, fancy dresscoats, or ordering lunch at the office anymore. You can simply work in your PJs, rather than feeling the need to buy formal clothes every other month. In 2020, 33% of US citizens benefited from the money they saved by working from home.

It’s not the employees who save up while working from home, but it also saves an employer's costs as they don’t have to pay the logistical costs or electricity bills for the office anymore.

No More Office Politics

At times workplace environment can be toxic and add to your anxiety and stress. It's like everyone competes out there. Surprisingly, 18% of the US citizens said they benefited from the reduced office politics while working remotely.

All you need to do is give your best, rather than pleasing your boss or fighting off the toxicity against you.

The Positive Effect on Environment, Of course!

We simply can't overlook this aspect. Transportation plays a major role in global warming emissions. The reduced number of cars on the roads has significantly improved the air quality index and decreased fuel consumption and pollution.

In 2020, since the landscape shifted entirely to online remote jobs, there was the largest-ever decline seen in carbon emissions. Transportation results in the emission of 28% of greenhouse gases in the US alone. Since people didn't need to commute to work every day, there were fewer cars and trucks on the road

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