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Tips to Be Successful at Your First Remote Job

Tips to Be Successful at Your First Remote Job

Remote work is changing how we innovate and work and is becoming highly popular all over the world. Experts predict remote working will increase in the upcoming years. Considering the hype, it’s fair to say most of us are out looking for remote jobs or have already started our first remote job. If you too have started your remote job and are nervous about succeeding, don't be; we've got your backs!

Let’s dive into some practical tips to succeed at your first remote job.

You'll Be Sitting … A Lot

If you think you spent most of your time sitting in your office-based job, then chances are you’ll probably be sitting a lot more than that when working remotely. If you want to succeed at your first remote job, this is something you need to address. When individuals start working remotely, all business operations are held virtually over the internet, which means you'll need to spend quite a lot of time staring at your computer screens while sitting down.

Undoubtedly, if your posture is correct, you're more likely to do well at your job since sitting continuously can stress your neck and back muscles. So, set up an ergonomic workspace for yourself and make sure you don't sit for long hours. Moreover, take stretch breaks or take a stroll now and then.

Master the Company's Technology and Tools

It's time to grasp your company's technology and tools once you've sorted out your workstation. This is especially vital when you work from home because you can't tap your coworker on the shoulder to ask questions.

Take your time navigating the training documents and onboarding materials provided by the company. Walk through each new tool and experiment with it, especially those related to productivity and communication. You can also look for some tutorials on the internet.

Spending extra effort on this during your first week will save you time and avoid miscommunication later on.

Create a Strict Schedule for Yourself

A girl planning her schedule out

Working from home implies more flexibility; however, this can get in the way of a healthy work-life balance. That's why it's crucial to stick to a rigid schedule, especially if it’s your first remote job.  

Since it’s your first remote job, you can get a bit too carried away given the flexibility, which can become a problem for you and jeopardize your success. Therefore, you need to follow a strict schedule to ensure you adopt the right habits from the beginning.

Despite working from home, you need to follow the same rules every single day to get into a routine. Wake up on time, get dressed and settle in your workspace once you’ve had your breakfast. Remember to stop your work for a lunch break too. In the beginning, all of this might seem overwhelming, but after a while, you'll adapt to a routine that will guarantee you crush this remote working wave!

Create Connections with Co-Workers

A work-from-home employee communicating with their colleague

An undeniable benefit of working remotely is increased productivity with minimum distractions. However, you can soon feel isolated, especially when it's your first remote job. But you don't need to feel alienated just because you're working remotely. All businesses use communication software or platforms to maintain healthy communication.

So, use these means to communicate with your colleagues to keep yourself in the loop. Make use of these methods to communicate with your coworkers, even if it isn't always about work.

Take Steps to Unplug and Set Work-Life Boundaries

A work-from-home employee with a work-life balance

When you start working remotely, you soon realize how different it is from office-based jobs. Contrary to popular belief, you can get carried away when working remotely, becoming quite a workaholic. In such circumstances, employees can often lose their work-life balance, quickly leading to burnout.

The best part about a remote job is that it makes maintaining the work-life balance easier, but for beginners, it can become difficult. However, you can follow some tips to prevent this from happening. Start by sticking to a well-planned schedule that helps you give you balanced time between your work and personal life. Moreover, don't try to work outside your work hours despite being tempted.

Be an Advocate for Yourself

A work-from-home employee communicating with their boss

When you work from home, you may need to be more deliberate about requesting feedback from your boss. It's simple to swing by your manager's desk and inquire about how things are doing or ask something when you're working from the office. However, remote working requires mail, phone calls, or video conference on the internet to get feedback.

You'll almost certainly schedule one-on-one meetings with your boss on a monthly or biweekly basis. That's a great opportunity to check in and ask questions or solicit comments. This is crucial to succeeding since the feedback can help you address any problems while improving yourself.

Have a Backup Plan

You should be pleased with your first week of remote operation at this time. You've got a workstation, a routine, a priority list, and communication routes. However, don't get too comfortable. It's time to think about what might happen if there’s an unexpected power outage. What happens if the internet fails? What if you can't seem to focus?

Since these situations are bound to occur, have a contingency plan in place. You need to have a backup place to work outside your home or apartment if any emergency pops up. Locate your favorite coffee shop, a co-working place with open hours, or the library closest to you where you can work from.

Maintain Your Social Life Outside of Work

Have you completed your first week at your new job? Congratulations! Invite your buddies to happy hour, go out with your partner, or take your family to the park. You'll want to find excuses to contact people rather than your computer now that you're a full-time remote worker. This will ensure that you rest well over the weekend and start the new week with a fresh mind.

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