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How To Work Remotely: The Ultimate Remote Work Guide

How To Work Remotely: The Ultimate Remote Work Guide

Even before the world experienced the pandemic, work-from-home conditions were present for millions of workers and employers. The concept, however, was broadly adopted worldwide after the pandemic. Eliminating the need to commute for work promoted the growth of remote jobs online.

What's more, with evolving technologies like Zoom, Slack, FaceTime, Google Meet, Skype, and cloud computing technologies, coming to the office is no longer necessary. Finding work from home jobs has also become a lot easier with various platforms that bring employers and workers together on a single platform.

Platforms like RemoteGurus provide an online space where companies that want to hire work-from-home employees online can do so efficiently and effectively. As a worker, you can also apply for these remote jobs online by signing up on the online recruitment site.

However, as appealing as work from home is to employees, it wouldn't have been a prevailing trend if employers hadn't recognized its benefits. Companies that offer work-from-home opportunities have developed policies that boost employee productivity, lower operational costs, and reduce turnover.

Another study suggests that telecommuting workers also require minimal collaboration or social support and will work better at home than in the office. To help you realize certain important things about remote work, let's discuss some significant factors that will help you understand its necessity in today's era.

How Should You Work from Home Effectively?

If you're working from home remotely for specific days in a week or full time, it's essential to ensure that you perform consistently and stay productive. There can be various ways you can achieve this.

A designated room as a workplace where you have all the video conferencing technology will help you avoid procrastination and laziness. A dedicated workspace will also help you avoid any potential disturbances, pets, kids, etc.

This means you will be able to maintain your schedule in a simulated environment that is much similar to that in the office. However, before you find remote work-from-home jobs, here are some effective ways to maximize your remote working experience.

Setting Up a Functional Workspace

Everyone doesn't require a designated workspace but having a private space is crucial when working remotely. A quiet space separate from personal spaces will allow you to focus on work and avoid distractions.

Understand Some Ground Rules

Understand whether your employer requires a strict 9 to 5 schedule or if they provide flexibility. Is working over public Wi-Fi allowed? Which tools are required for video conferencing and project management?

It's important to understand the ground rules that your employer has designed according to your job role. By knowing the ground rules, you will be able to determine which equipment you'll need to best perform the assigned tasks. It's also essential that you perform several tries to solve any problem that may arise during your job hours and disturb your workflow.

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Mobile Applications

If your remote job requires you to make international calls, mobile applications, including Skype, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp, let you call across the globe. These apps use the internet, which reduces your calling charges significantly. What's more, if the person you are calling is on the same service as you, the calls may even be completely free of cost.

Getting High Internet Speed

If you have kids who have an Xbox or mobile applications, their use may slow down the internet speed you require for downloading and connecting. You can consider switching to ethernet or moving as close to the Wi-Fi router for better signal strength. However, an ethernet cable that connects your laptop or computer to the router will ensure a more optimal speed than a wireless connection.

Planning Social Interactions

Some people may love to work in isolated spaces, but anyone can feel claustrophobic after working from home consistently. You may feel lonely at times which can influence your productivity levels.

However, you can avoid that by connecting with people outside, video chatting with friends, or taking exercise classes. There are various ways to reduce work-from-home fatigue to help you stay productive.

Minimizing Distractions

If you have a jackhammering worker or a barking dog outside your window, you can consider purchasing a pair of noise-canceling headphones. If your kids are home and you don't have childcare, try taking turns for care. This will help you balance both social and work requirements.

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Common Kinds of Work-From-Home Jobs

Not every remote worker is a corporate employee, as a majority of the workers may be working as freelancers or for firms. Companies that recruit remote workers online fill various positions that can be handled remotely.

Remote working also provides an opportunity for people who have the skills and time to manage multiple job roles at once. Generally, it also isn't uncommon for resourceful individuals to turn their freelance jobs into complete businesses and even hire remote workers online.

Let's discuss some of the fastest-growing and common remote working options you can expect when finding remote jobs online.


Globally recognized companies often require translators. These people will translate documents and files or transcribe conference calls and conversations. People who understand and speak the uncommon language are even more in demand, and remote jobs for translators can be found easily.

Transcription And Data Entry

While data entry and transcription are different jobs, they normally require similar qualifications and skills. Transcription involves the development of documents through audio files. This can be done for businesses that need documents for workshops, meetings, podcasts, or conference calls.

In most cases, an employer looking to find employees to hire provides the data that needs to be transcribed. They may also provide the content management system and software that's needed for their work.

Data entry includes entering figures into a spreadsheet or software program. This can include entering data for CRM systems, payrolls, or inventory catalogs.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants work like off-site secretaries. As traditional personal secretaries have several expenses for a company. If the company is relatively small, it may not require the services of a full-time secretary.

Virtual assistants can work remotely using communication options such as Slack or FaceTime. They perform administrative work similar to a traditional assistant. This includes creating business documents, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, calling clients, bookkeeping, handling social media, and much more. The key talents that an employer requires when they post a remote job online for a virtual assistant, are good communication skills and office experience.

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Project Management

The term project management is usually associated with construction and engineering fields. However, nowadays, information management technology and healthcare and healthcare fields also require project management.

A project manager is responsible for developing and executing plans that achieve the company's goals. They are also required to organize their teams for working effectively. However, the role of a project manager will depend on the industry.

Usually, an undergraduate management degree is required for project manager jobs; however some companies may also require a master's degree. There are also several certifications for project management. Employers use some common titles when they post remote work from home, including business analysts, technical consultants, or program managers.

Customer Service Representatives

A majority of the companies outsource their customer service work to remote agents. These jobs require inbound calling, helping people with their account or order information, and can also include making outbound calls.

Customer representative jobs usually come with a predetermined work schedule, and the payment is made by the hour while you are on a call. The qualifications for this kind of job are excellent people skills and communication skills, and most employers will run a background check on you.

Another branching remote working opportunity for customer service representatives is a chat agent. A chat agent will address a customer's queries through the company's website or social media.

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Avoiding Dubious Employment Ads

Work-at-home jobs have come a long way, and anybody who wants to earn a living while working from home needs to be extra careful. You need to do proper research and homework about your potential employer beforehand.

If you aren't able to find any evidence of your employer's contact information or physical location, then it's best to look for another opportunity. You must also be extra careful when tracking down their contact information.

Similar to any job, there needs to be a proper interview and an application. Any employer who legitimately wants to find work from home employees to hire will communicate with the applicants and conduct formal interviews.

RemoreGurus is an online platform where you can find online jobs posed by renowned companies. As an employer, you can post work-from-home listings on the platform for hiring the most appropriate candidates for the job.

How To Combat Work from Home Drawbacks

The idea of being your boss, operating within your walls, and making your working schedule has various benefits. However, there are some downsides to this as well.

Let's discuss some tips that can help you avoid these drawbacks to help you remain consistent and productive.

Avoid Workaholic Tendencies

Flexibility and efficiency are the major reasons why more people want to work remotely. However, when there's a deadline on your head, too much flexibility can be detrimental.Several remote workers find themselves working for more hours and logging on during weekends and nights.

Usually, work-from-home employees work for at least five hours a day as compared to eight hours at the office. But that doesn't mean they work less. The billable hours are usually calculated per minute spent performing an administrative task.

Never Bet on Saving Your Money

Without any daily commute, lunches, or office attire costs, you may think that remote working significantly reduces costs. However, the expenses of setting up a home office, including the equipment costs, internet costs, cellphones, and more, can crop up.

It's also crucial to realize that your business and personal purchases must be kept separate to comply with tax laws. You can only deduct money for your home office if you work as a freelancer. Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) 2017, you aren't allowed to deduct non-reimbursed work costs if you include home office deductions. As a contractor employee, however, you might be able to deduct the employer half of the payroll tax in the form of a business expense.

Develop a Strict Working Schedule

Each person that spends their time working from home will be dealing with a lack of understanding from people who don't realize the concept of remote working. While the pandemic did help change the paradigm for many, you don't need to be discouraged by anyone's opinions.

To perform better from home, you must dedicate certain working hours and stick to them. Work during these hours and avoid being discouraged by anyone's idea about your remote employment.

Working from home may also come with various distractions that can put you behind on important projects. The typical interruptions in the nine to five can include pet and child needs, power outages, vendor calls, accidents, and more. There will always be personal boundaries that will get pushed in a remote working situation.

Your closest family members need to realize that you can't move during a workday or even chat on the phone for long hours. Setting restrictions if you have children at home can be particularly challenging.

On the bright side, you can let the kids see you working effortlessly and devotedly at something you love. This can greatly influence their career decisions in the future and may change their entire attitude towards the concept of working a 9 to 5 job.

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