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How To Earn Money Via YouTube

How To Earn Money Via YouTube

Visual content has always reigned over audio formats of content. Be it old-school BluRay  or modern streaming platforms, viewers have always favored video content that’s interesting and intriguing at the same time.

These days, most people opt for DailyMotion and YouTube as popular sources of visual content. Most importantly because these are free video streaming platforms, are easily accessible, and have a great variety.

YouTube is not the same as what some years ago. Since Google bought it in 2006, the site’s subscribers have only increased with time! It now enjoys 1 billion subscribers.

All those rumors about making good money through YouTube? Yes, they are true! You don’t need closed working spaces to make money now.  Find a remote job online, send your CV, and there you go.

Here’s how you can make money through YouTube.

Go Digital with Your Business

If you haven’t yet gone digital with your business, now’s the chance! Ever seen good commentary on TV? Let viewers know about your merchandise/products and services through YouTube.

Ace this four-step procedure to get your business loyal subscribers online.

Create Visual Content: Make as many videos as possible of your product. YouTube is a highly visual platform. You’re not going anywhere without authentic visual content coming to your aid.

Bring Subscribers to Your Channel: Every time you watch a video on YouTube, there’s always a link in the subscription box that you have to press for more information. These links are usually connected to the seller’s website or a landing page specifically dedicated to the product.

Keep in mind to make content for your targeted audience. This also means your YouTube channel should have more details than just product information and advertisement videos.

Advertise Your YouTube Content: You need a thorough community outreach program to advertise your videos. Keep pouring in new content to earn some quick bucks from YouTube advertisements.

Remote jobs don’t reap profit immediately! Dedicate a year or a half to building your subscriber’s community for product sales.

To work a flexible hour job, search for a remote job at online recruitment sites. 

The YouTube Fan Funding Opportunity

The fan funding initiative was introduced by YouTube back in 2014. It was to keep alive channels that entertained several fans but could not be run because of other reasons. These reasons could include anything from the creator having too much to handle, managing different jobs, and more!

To enable your channel’s fans to fund your page, you’d need to introduce a ‘Support The Channel’ icon to your YouTube channel. The social media platform has fans supporting several YouTube channels this way.

a YouTube template

YouTube Ads

You’ve watched two and often three ads that appear in the beginning and middle of a YouTube video? Ever wondered why YouTube has to show you something you never asked for? Ads are not just restricted to monetized videos; videos that earn YouTubers some bucks. The amount YouTube pays for creating videos is based on the number of subscribers a YouTuber has.

Affiliate Blogging

Statistics show there are around 3 million influencers around the world. You must have seen multiple beauty bloggers using different brands and accessories to dress. Their videos often have links to the brand landing pages in the video description. That’s a marketing technique called affiliate blogging or influencer marketing.

If A is an established blogger on YouTube with a good number of subscribers, business B can ask them to use their products for promotional purposes.

influencer culture

What Does It Take?

A Niche: Whether it be fragrances, perfumes, watches, or makeup, you need a niche to focus on. Set a target of around 1000+ subscribers to become a known social media micro-influencer, then work on building your audience.

Market Knowledge: Influencer culture means a lot of talking and business-related commentary. You need to know your field, and should have tried different products to be able to sell new products better.

Good Communication Skills: This is a must for all influencers. Most influencers even take to responding to queries right away. Make sure you have good communication skills to diffuse tense online situations.

Don’t have much time? Take up social media marketing as a part-time job. If you’re a recruiter, hire part-time workers to market your products digitally. Earning through product marketing can be a perfect remote job.

Go online to find part-time and work-from-home jobs digitally.

Partner with YouTube

This one is as intriguing as it is. In this scheme, YouTube is simply asking you to partner with it and monetize your videos. Meaning, you’ll offer a paid subscription for your videos. You will have to share a percentage of the revenue with YouTube.

Some rules for the partnership include:

  • Living in a country that facilitates the YouTube partner program
  • You should have at least 1000 subscribers
  • You should have 4000 watch hours in the last year.  

YouTube Exclusive Videos

Even when YouTube has a range of free videos available, it still has some classic, premium content to offer. This content is only visible to YouTube Premium Members. All of these videos are meant to generate revenue for YouTube and the content creator.

Getting more subscribers for these videos is your ticket to earning more from YouTube. The process for monetizing videos is simple. All you have to do is click “Monetization” in your YouTube dropdown menu to take the lead from there on.

YouTube template


You have an idea but not enough capital? You need to consider the crowdfunding option. Let’s say you have funds to collect for an upcoming project, task or assignment. Show the project’s sneak peek to your audience to receive some quality funds and make money through YouTube.

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