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How Remote Work Can Support Your Employees' Mental Health

How Remote Work Can Support Your Employees' Mental Health

Preservation of mental health largely depends on how you manage your work conditions every day. Though work can elevate mental health issues, it can also serve as a support system.

According to studies, most employees agree that working from home has been beneficial for their overall wellness. They report that flexible working hours and location would further improve their mental health.

Allowing remote working can considerably reduce the conflict that employees experience between their personal and professional lives. Considering the massive amount of stress and uncertainty due to the pandemic, offering remote work can have significant positive outcomes in the long run. Here's how.  

No Travel, No Stress

Traveling is one of the most common causes of stress exacerbation. The average commute time in the United States is 27 minutes each way. Reports demonstrate that commuters spend approximately 100 hours commuting and 41 hours stuck in traffic per year. Some may even experience much longer commute times – over 90 minutes each way.

However, remote working allows them to minimize or completely eliminate this problem. They can put on a comfortable pair of slippers and utilize the additional 27 minutes of the day on a healthy morning routine.

Improved Physical Health

More than 30 minutes of commuting is associated with increased anxiety and stress levels. As a result, it can lead to other health issues like higher cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, and an increased risk of depression. Time savings during remote working allow you to maintain your mental and physical health. You can focus more on priorities other than work, like getting more sleep in the morning, spending more time with family, etc.

Whether employees travel through congested highways or in an overcrowded metro, commuting is often their least favorite time of the day.

Comfortable and More Personalized Work Environment

Whether you're working on the seafront or in your living room, you can personalize your work environment. Though offices are designed to create the most suitable work environment, not everyone can focus with frequent interruptions and loud conversations.

Creating a quieter work environment will also improve your confidence and make you feel more relaxed. These factors are crucial for a sustainable work routine.

Healthier Routine

With remote working, you get more time for your wellness routine. In addition to having healthier homemade meals, you can also squeeze in more time for meditation and exercise.

Working in the place where you live can also give you the chance to improve your sleep schedule. As a result, this will have a notable impact on your mental health and performance.

Reduced Stress Levels

According to research, 82% of remote workers expressed lower stress levels because of flexible work arrangements. This means that having control over the way you work not only improves job satisfaction but also slows down burnout.

For instance, working from home allows you to stay connected with your family, friends, as well as pets. This can help you manage more complicated tasks with increased motivation.

Time Management

Working from the office prevents you from managing your day-to-day household tasks. However, going remote offers you greater control over your day and provides a chance to schedule each day differently. Reduced conflicts between personal appointments and office life will make you calmer and more organized.

More Job Opportunities in Economically Struggling Areas

Individuals living in economically disadvantaged areas are likely to miss out on various job opportunities. As a result, high rates of depression and anxiety are usually found in rural areas. That’s why most job platforms are now helping rural residents find remote work opportunities.

Working remotely allows access to a broader range of job opportunities regardless of their geographic location. Job seekers, particularly in rural communities, can benefit from this opportunity as there may not be many available local positions.

Having no limitations for job locations means that fully remote workers can also travel and live as digital nomads. Those who move frequently, such as military spouses, can also opt for a remote job. Moreover, remote working eliminates the need to live near a major metropolitan area.

Making Mental Health a Bigger Focus

Though professionals focus more on work every day, offering remote working options signals employees that they should also invest a fraction of their time in maintaining their mental health.     

Moreover, the benefits aren’t just restricted to the employees as companies also operate better when their workers are mentally healthy. Mental Health America found that employees in an unhealthy workplace experience higher stress levels and poor engagement. These factors are likely to affect workplace culture and the company’s productivity.

Eating Healthy Meals

Whether you’re working remotely or at your office, it's essential to eat healthily. At the office, employees frequently visit the local café and company cafeterias. However, you have more opportunities to eat healthy at home as you have the kitchen at your disposal. When you stick to healthy food, you experience fewer mood fluctuations and an improved ability to focus.

The American Academy of Nutrition Dietetics offers several recipes on its website for remote workers. You can try these meals at home as they require less preparation time.

Money Savings

Employees working from home can save approximately $4,000 a year. Expenses such as gas, car maintenance, parking fees, professional apparel, and lunches bought out can all be reduced. These savings allow for more financial stability and ultimately reduce stress.

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