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9 Remote Recruiting Criteria Employers Follow

9 Remote Recruiting Criteria Employers Follow

The demand for remote job opportunities has increased significantly over the past few years. Statistics show that the search for remote jobs has gone up by 460% ever since the pandemic. The excessive increase in demands has been pretty overwhelming for recruitment teams. Recruiters and employers are looking for effective recruitment strategies to increase their workforce in a decent time frame.

Full or hybrid work models are here to stay even after the pandemic ends. It’ best to brace your recruitment team to make effective changes in the recruitment process to adjust to the new norm. Remote recruitment involves conducting the entire recruitment process online without any in-person interaction. There are several benefits of online recruitment, including:

  • More cost-effective
  • Allows more flexibility
  • Hassle-free and consistent
  • Offers more convenience
  • No geographical limitation
  • Encourages inclusivity

There are several steps to account for when considering online recruitment. Here are some remote recruiting criteria to help you increase your workforce and improve your talent pool.

1. Craft Comprehensive Job Descriptions


Creating an engaging and comprehensive job description can help you attract top talent. The job description also provides insights into how things work at your company. Make sure to outline all the expectations and requirements thoroughly. Include the values and mission of the company. Clarify whether you want a fully remote worker or the employees to adhere to a specific time zone. Include as many relevant details as possible; don’t leave anything out.

2. Create Strong Employer Branding Online

Your employer branding or online presence plays a significant role in attracting top talent and growing your business. Young job seekers are more attracted to the work culture and values. Make sure to optimize your website and social media presence in the most effective way possible. Include information about the diverse company culture, inclusivity, healthy work culture, values, and mission. Employee testimonials can help you improve your employer branding significantly.

3. Offer Benefits for Remote Candidates

Work-from-home employees don’t have access to the company’s facilities such as the cafeteria or gym. It would be best to offer other benefits to remote workers so they don’t feel left out. Offer reward programs, development opportunities, company-sponsored vacations, or a monthly allowance for tech-based expenses. Make sure to include these perks in the job description and website.

4. Use Software for Online Recruitment

It is not easy to source, screen, and shortlist candidates manually. Make sure to use suitable software to make the entire recruitment process more manageable and less time-consuming.

  • Sourcing software to help you attract suitable candidates.
  • Screening software can help you screen resumes based on essential keywords in line with the job description.
  • Engagement software can help you keep the candidates informed of their status via automated messaging.
  • Video software is an excellent way of conducting one-way interviews for initial shortlisting.
  • Onboarding software can help you streamline the onboarding effectively.

5. Build a Structured Hiring Process

Make sure to build a structured hiring process so the recruitment can run smoothly. A structured process will also help you ensure consistency and avoid biases during the interview and assessment stages. An Applicant Tracking System can make hiring much easier and convenient for you. It can also help you shortlist resumes effectively while saving you a massive chunk of time.

6. Use an Online Interview Platform

Choose a suitable interview platform to conduct the final interviews. Make sure to choose a renowned platform that doesn’t crash and is simple to use. Keep the remote nature of the job in mind and ask candidates questions accordingly. Ask the candidate about prior remote work experience and work-life balance to gauge their interest in the remote position. Keep a cell phone call as a backup option if your or the candidate’s connection fails.

7. Send Assessments and Case Studies

Assessments and case studies can help you effectively evaluate the candidates. Send the candidates suitable assessments according to the positions they have applied for, so you can have a rough idea of their work ethic. The assessment stage can help you shortlist candidates before the interviews.

8. Keep the Candidates in the Loop

Make sure to get back to the candidates in a suitable time frame. Taking too long to reply can upset the candidates and make them lose interest in the position. Keep them in the loop with their application status at the earliest. It is also essential to get back to candidates even if they don’t make the cut for the position. In which case, let them know where they went wrong. This can leave a good impression on the candidates and simultaneously help you build your employer branding.

9. Maintain the Integrity and Privacy of Data

The matter of data privacy has been a significant problem in recent times. Ensure compliance with data privacy laws to maintain the integrity of candidates’ sensitive data. Make sure to install legitimate software for all recruitment processes to protect the privacy of your candidate and your company.

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