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‘8’ Online Tools Every Freelancer Should Know About

‘8’ Online Tools Every Freelancer Should Know About

Freelancing has proven to be a promising career choice, with over 17 million Americans now making money online.  According to data on residential web traffic, 99 percent of American families earning more than $75,000 per year access the internet every day.

Freelancing is a fairly new phenomenon; three years ago, it would have appeared practically impossible. Nonetheless, it’s become the new standard as a result of growing modernization solutions and swift technological improvements. Working from home allows you to have a rewarding profession while also enabling you to operate from anywhere you want.

Take a look at this guide to learn about the most prominent online tools every freelancer should know about.

1. Google Hangouts

Meeting and teleconferencing applications have become increasingly important in recent years. Prominent choices include Zoom and Google Meet. Google has also built a new tool called Google Hangouts to help people communicate more smoothly.

A person using Google hangouts

Google Hangouts isn't only free, but also simple to use and allows meetings of up to 250 people at a time. The present option lets you share your screen or even your video with the audience, providing the impression of a live broadcast. It also has an auto-generated live captions option.


Many well-known companies, such as Google and Spotify, employ IFTTT. Its mission is to assist businesses in boosting their customer engagement across several digital platforms. The firm knows this is challenging for many firms to accomplish, so the task has already been executed for you. Utilizing plug-ins titled applets, you can capitalize the client’s brand image by using digital networking, and learn more about your client's needs.

3. Tandem

If there is one factor that we fondly remember about working from the office, it's the informal discussions and social connections happening in the co-working space. Tandem is an app that allows you to simulate those social scenarios. Tandem integrates all your communication techniques and allows you to view what your crew is focusing on, work collaboratively on assignments, and even interact with teammates instantly.

A freelancer optimizing work with Tandem

Tandem allows you to do something surprisingly close to going to a person's desk and striking up a conversation with them. You can talk to any client without calling them, and they will listen to you through their browser's sound system.

4. Cushion

Cushion enhances profitability while providing robust invoicing and task management capabilities, and is intended to provide freelancers a thorough perspective of their workload and accessibility.

Cushion offers "tranquility for freelancers," with an exquisite user interface and innovative features to keep you from overworking yourself. It's simple to predict future workflow, revenues, expenditures, and bills, allowing freelancers to plan ahead of time for their economic standing. Cushion excels as a tool for freelancers who want to remain on top of their job, boost their financial position, and achieve some much-needed balance. 

5. Asana

By using Asana, you can manage your tasks and then check them off once they are accomplished. A chat option is embedded within each task so people who are assigned to the tasks can easily communicate.

A freelancer optimizing work with Asana

When you're chatting in a group, it's easier to lose track of crucial information, and it may get jumbled up with other, more routine chats, resulting in misunderstanding and other issues. The project chat feature in Asana can assist in resolving this issue. Any files, such as pdfs from Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, can be instantly added. Apart from these capabilities, Asana also includes a planner, a widget that manages all of your tasks, and a checklist feature.

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6. Basecamp  

Another type of application that will make handling projects much simpler is Basecamp. The application allows you to plan your timetable, keep track of various tasks and their status, arrange appointments, and save files. The smartest characteristic is that you can get all of your projects categorized on the screen, giving you a clear picture of what's going on.

7. Infinity

Freelancing entails handling projects, engagements, assignments, emails, expense reports, and a slew of other things on a constant schedule. If you're having trouble keeping up with things you have to accomplish daily, Infinity might be helpful as it can assist you in keeping track of everything.

It's a powerful project management methodology with a unique layout. You can categorize activities by initiatives and control outputs in a variety of ways using workspaces, panels, directories, subdirectories, windows, and items.

8. Fundbox

Sadly, delayed reimbursements from customers are a typical issue for freelancers. You couldn't do anything about it in the past except eating instant noodles for meals as you hoped to get your cash soon. However, with Fundbox, you can now get fully reimbursed for any pending payments. You’ll have to pay a premium, but if you're in a hurry and want cash immediately, it's a lifesaver. Note that you have to pay the cash debt on time, or it will affect your financial credit.

A freelancer optimizing work with Fundbox

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