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5 Tips on Finding a Remote Work Community

5 Tips on Finding a Remote Work Community

Remote work has been in demand ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers several benefits for employees, including more flexibility, reduced commute costs, better work-life balance, and lower stress levels. A survey conducted by Growmotely showed that 61% of employees prefer working under fully remote conditions. Remote work has also been shown to increase business profits.

The nature of a work-from-home job prevents face-to-face interactions regarding queries. Remote work communities can help you connect with like-minded people who can help you find suitable remote work opportunities. This form of social networking can help you avoid burnout while boosting your creativity and productivity.

The online world is full of scammers, so you need to be thorough in your search to find authentic remote work communities. Here are some to help you find the right remote work community.

1. Look for Open-Mindedness and Similar Goals

The ideal remote work community for you would be one where the members have a mindset and goals similar to yours. The same set of goals can allow you to effectively share interests, skills, hobbies, and career prospects. The ideal community will also prevent harsh criticism and judgment and help build respect and encouragement for each other. It will support diverse perspectives and allow the community members to help each other out through prior experiences.

2. Don’t Confine Yourself to One Community

You are an individual with several interests, goals, and hobbies, so don’t limit yourself to a single community. Join several communities so you can network with a well-rounded circle of individuals. Here are some types of communities you should join:

  • Intellectual Pursuits:Search for communities that can support and help you pursue your intellectual interests, such as writing, coding, reading, or cooking.
  • Physical Activities:Remote work requires you to be behind a screen at all times, so make sure to join communities that can help you partake in physical activities.
  • Emotional Support:You may be going through a stressful situation. Join the communities that can help you cope with your struggles and lift you up.
  • Creative Endeavors:Join communities that can nurture your creative side and help you boost your skills, such as crocheting or painting.
  • Professional Development:You need to join communities that can help you with your professional development. Join the communities that can help you find work opportunities and give tips to help you succeed in your endeavors.

3. Finding Authentic Remote Work Communities

Once you’ve identified the types of communities you want to join, the next step is to find the communities while ensuring authenticity and legitimacy. The nature of the communities is online so make sure to consider the social platforms that you’re highly comfortable with. Let’s look at some social platforms and how you can find the communities of your interest on them:

  • Twitter:You can find the community type that interests you by searching relevant keywords and hashtags. The chat schedule can help you determine the authenticity of the community.
  • Facebook:This is among the most popular global social media platforms. You can easily find various work-from-home communities on this platform through the in-built community feature.
  • LinkedIn:Works similar to Facebook regarding finding a community to join. The professional nature of this platform decreases the chances of getting scammed.
  • Slack:To join a community on Slack, you may need a direct invitation, which requires getting acquainted with a community member first. But once you’re in, you’ll learn and benefit a lot.
  • Reddit: This is a prominent global site, which can help you find various communities of your interest under the domain of “Subreddits.”

4. Check Whether the Community is Right for You

It is not enough to just become part of the community. Once you’ve joined the community, make sure to evaluate whether it’s the right one for you or not. You need to pay attention to the following:

  • Goals and vision of the community.
  • The tone and manner in which the community members conduct themselves.
  • How moderators react to inappropriate and offensive content in the community.
  • The nature of the popular conversations in the community.
  • The frequency of new posts in the community.
  • Whether the content posted lines up with your interests and hobbies.
  • The level of inclusivity and acceptance for different perspectives in the community.

If you feel any of these factors are not up to what you had in mind, then that community may not be the right one for you.

5. Lean on the Right Community for Support

If you stumble across a community in line with what you had in mind, then make sure to make the most out of it. Stay true to the community and be there for other members so that you can lean on them for support. Here’s how you can bond with the community:

  • Interact frequently in the community.
  • Share your experiences related to remote work or whatever the community stands for.
  • Kindly and humbly welcome new members.
  • Engage with community members through their posts.
  • Acknowledge the birthdays and milestones of the members.

Building a strong bond with the community can help you make the most of your remote job.

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