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4 Unique Resume Writing Tips for Remote Workers

4 Unique Resume Writing Tips for Remote Workers

As more organizations transition to completely remote staff or, at the minimum, provide the opportunity to do their jobs from anywhere, searchers will be able to broaden their hunt past the confined spaces of their cities. However, just because you’ve persuaded your present company to allow you to work from home doesn’t imply you’ll be able to persuade a future employer to recruit you. You’ll need an impressive resume. But along with that, you’ll need to customize it for the position, the firm, and prominently mention the fact that you’re more of a remote worker.

Remember that job vacancies, like people, are one-of-a-kind. What fits one applicant may not be suitable for another. Some hiring managers may be more interested in your remote-work skills, while others may be more interested in your job-related experience. While you may be feeling a shift in your attitude toward work, companies also see a shift in their attitude about potential employees.

Certain jobs, such as marketers may simply be able to go from generation content from the office to completely shifting their work at home. This may require little to no modifications on their resume. In comparison, certain employees with more in-person responsibilities might need to make more significant changes. They might need to get some online certifications to get some remote jobs.

Irrespective of whatever category you belong to, you should still adhere to recommended practices that you may tailor to your job hunt. To help you obtain your desired remote job, you can use the following résumé writing guidelines.

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Make It Short and Eye-Catching

Recruiters review innumerable amounts of resumes every day, and the last thing you want is to get lost in the sea of resumes that they just glance over. You need to make yours stand out and be simple to read. Commit to a simple yet appealing structure that’s easy to skim. Rather than putting in a ton of little text, only add essential words that are eye-catching.


Headings and key points can draw a recruiter’s attention to crucial aspects while also letting them instantly grasp who you are as a worker. Google Docs has résumé templates that you may personalize. You can also use Etsy’s template and customize it with your details to add a little more flare.   

Traditional resume advice recommends keeping your resume to one page. Whether you have a very large list of accomplishments and credentials, this is still a decent general rule to observe. Attempt to condense everything onto one sheet of paper instead of filling up another page.

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Make It Obvious That You Want To Work From Home

It’s critical to make it very obvious that you’re seeking a remote job. While remote work is destined to increase in 2023, most occupations are still geared toward on-site workers. Due to this, the majority of companies and employment agencies are looking for in-house roles.

Yet, there is an increasing demand for remote employees, which you will enjoy the benefits of by stating your wish or willingness to work from home or away from the office. You may also look for firms and job portals that specialize in remote work.

This point should be at the forefront of your resume, application form, and cover letter. A resume summary is a fine place to add this information. Clearly state that you are competent and prefer working remotely in your cover letter. If you have accomplished this effectively in past positions, include that information in your work area.

Demonstrate The Important Hard Skills Required Of Remote Employees

When writing your remote job resume, highlight the hard talents that companies are looking for. Pay close attention to the skillset that remote employees need. The following talents might be extremely helpful to organizations evaluating remote employee applicants:

  • You should have some experience and be well-acquainted with video conferencing services.
  • You should be proficient in chat systems. You should know about instant messaging and other communication tools.
  • You should have a working knowledge of project management software.
  • You should be up-to-date with any computer-related technologies or skills like coding.
  • You should possess industry-specific skills and abilities.
  • If your job requires book-keeping, then you should be well-versed in it.

You could also make a list of your assets that are technologically relevant. This includes your workplace and equipment at home. Companies may see you as a genuine asset if you already possess a dedicated office space set up for remote work. If you get to the interview process, mention that you have dependable internet access and such services that may showcase your seriousness and productivity as a remote worker.

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Highlight Your Important Soft Skills

Although hard skills might help you secure an interview, soft skills are the ones that’ll help you secure remote work. As a result, it’s critical that you effectively communicate your soft talents in your attached resume to set yourself apart from any possible competitors:

  • A track record of being able to work autonomously.
  • Showcase that you possess both oral and written communication skills.
  • You will need the self-discipline to keep yourself motivated and focused on work.
  • You’ll need adequate time-management skills.
  • The ability to work with other team members that are remote workers.
  • You’ll need to adapt to situations fast as you work from home and don’t have a manager a few feet away with whom you can discuss your problems.
  • Some essential skills like problem-solving, organizational, and initiative-taking abilities.

You can’t just the above-mentioned abilities and move on. You’ll need to provide solid examples of how you employ these skills in your remote work. Also, how these skills add value to your work. These skills are harder to present in a resume and there aren’t any certificates that can attest to these skills. It is necessary to present instances of how you utilized these skills to assist previous companies to demonstrate these abilities.

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