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24 Remote Jobs that Can Help You Double Your Income

24 Remote Jobs that Can Help You Double Your Income

Remote working is all the rage these days, with numerous professionals and businesses opting for remote jobs. Working from home may have its fair share of struggles, but the benefits remote jobs offer easily outweigh them. Companies and organizations are now focusing on work from home models to improve efficiency and productivity. Amongst the numerous benefits remote jobs offer, one has attracted most individuals —high income. Most people are looking for ways to increase their earnings and have found remote jobs a helpful option.

There are numerous high-paying remote jobs available that can help double your income. The best part about these jobs is their variety; remote jobs are available in every industry, from business to technology to finance.

Are you looking for a remote job that can help double your income? If yes, let's look at some of the highest-paying remote jobs!

1. Recruiter

A recruiter's job involves searching for qualified and ideal candidates for a particular job opening. A recruiter gets in touch with hiring managers to understand their firm's staffing needs. Recruiters then evaluate resumes and schedule interviews with potential candidates. After these interviews, they propose suitable candidates to the hiring managers.

Recruiters earn a minimum of $57,367 per year, making it a highly lucrative job that can help increase your earnings.

2. Marketing Analyst


Marketing analysts help businesses decide what products or services to market. They acquire data, observe customer behaviors, and assess present and prospective market trends before making any recommendations.

A marketing analyst earns an average salary of about $66,212 per year.

3. Utilization Manager

Utilization managers design and monitor policies and measures in the healthcare sector. They frequently supervise service-improvement projects and examine heaps of data and reports related to admissions and payment denials. Moreover, their job description also includes observing the necessities and quality of care.

Utilization managers earn an average of $76,272 per year.

4. Business Analyst

Like any office-based business analyst, they examine and observe an organization's systems, business models, and processes to summarize their issues and solutions. In addition, they use data analytics and suggest improvements to a firm’s management and stakeholders. A remote business analyst earns an average salary of $79,470 per year.

5. Consultant


As the name suggests, a consultant offers qualified and valuable recommendations and opinions to firms or people. Consultants schedule interviews, gather data, and survey virtually to ensure an organization operates hassle-free with an overall improvement in performance. The most appealing factor of this high-paying remote job is it isn't limited to a specific industry. Consultants can work in various fields such as HR, finance, risk, operations, and more.

 A consultant earns an average of $73,022 per year, making it a highly paid remote job.

6. Writers

Almost every firm publishes their content on their websites or any other platform, which means they're constantly searching for writers. A writing job is a highly paid remote job that anyone can apply to. Individuals with strong communication skills, good grammar, and excellent research skills are fit to work as writers or editors. Moreover, the candidate must have a flair for writing to keep their readers engaged. Normally, remote writers are paid either by the pieces they write or on a per-word basis.

Either way, a remote writing job will add to your income easily.

7. Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists are remote guides to assist clients with communication and swallowing issues. Moreover, they diagnose, solve and prevent such disorders. This remote job allows them to have numerous clients across the globe from the comfort of their homes.

 Remote speech-language pathologists earn an average of $85,114 per year.

8. District Sales Manager

A remote district sales manager supervises the training of new sales agents, the development of new sales strategies and targets, and the production of sales reports. They also assist the sales staff in meeting district sales and profit targets on schedule earning $86,303 per year.

9. Project Manager

A project manager must plan and execute projects, track progress and ensure it doesn’t exceed the given budget. A project manager can work in various industries since they need skills, such as critical thinking, leadership, and management skills. A project manager earns about $86,308 per year, making it a highly-paid and appealing job.

10. Security Analyst

Security analysts observe a company's computer networks for security flaws and breaches. They deal with software installation and execute security measures to safeguard a company's computer systems and data. Risk analysis is also conducted by security analysts. They help prevent future security vulnerabilities. If you have the required qualification to become a security analyst, apply for related job openings and earn over $90,401 per year.

11. Social Media Manager

Ever since the pandemic, most companies have shifted their business operations online and widely used social media as a marketing tool. Moreover, these companies need social media managers to manage their social media handles and implement various social media strategies to promote their brands. If you're good with social media and have the required qualification, you can apply for a remote social media manager and earn good money by posting stuff online and engaging with these brands’ audiences.

12. Information Technology (IT) Manager

An IT manager’s job is to work on an organization’s IT infrastructure. They manage and plan every technological infrastructure or computer-related aspect of a company. IT managers need strong problem-solving, technical, and observation skills to fit this job profile. Individuals affiliated with the IT sector can easily opt for this job and bring home an income of $94,970 per year.

13. Psychologist

It's one of the most highly-paid jobs globally. A remote psychologist can increase this revenue by allowing psychologists to practice online without any geographical limitations. As a result, your client base will increase, leading to an increased income. If you’re already a practicing psychologist, opt for this remote job to double your income by earning up to $105,695 per year.

14. Front-End Developer

Front-end developers employ coding languages such as CSS and HTML to build web designs on a website's front end. Front-end developers work on the front end of a website that users view and interact with, whereas back-end developers work on the server-side of an application. It's no secret that front-end developers are in high demand globally and get paid quite a lot. There are numerous remote front-end developer jobs available by employers from all around the world with individuals earning $108,113 per year.

15. Software Engineer

Software engineers are one of the most sought after engineers around the world in the technology sector. Most companies have their software products and are constantly looking for software engineers to manage them or develop new ones. Therefore, they pay software engineers a hefty salary. A remote software engineer is paid an average of $109,342 per year.

16. Product Designer

Product designers conduct most of their work online using drawing apps since their main job is to develop and design the latest customer products through drawings and models. Product designers need to possess good creative and communication skills. Moreover, individuals with design experience or already in this field can also work remotely and earn additional cash since a remote product designer earn $112,183 per year.

17. UX Architect

Most of us are already familiar with terms like UX and UI and already know what a UX architect does. But for those of you who don't, UX architects help make a website or apps more user-friendly, helping improve user experience. UX architect jobs are one of the highest-paid remote jobs with an average income of $117,290.12.

18. Senior Information Security Consultant

Like we mentioned earlier, remote consultants are earning quite a lot by offering their services online. However, senior information security consultants top this high-paying remote job list with an annual income of $123,039. The primary task of these employees involves network security and risk assessment to help companies form a secure IT infrastructure.

19. Cyber Security Analyst

This job entails protecting and securing a company from cyberattack threats. Companies need to protect themselves from cyberattacks, which is why they hire a cyber security analyst to come up with new designs, technologies, and strategies. It involves managing a company's sensitive data, infrastructure, networks, programs, or assets. Moreover, these companies' security solely depends on these analysts, which is one of the reasons why this is such a high-paying job.

The function necessitates providing advice to the organization on proactive security steps to be taken to avoid cyber security breaches. As a result, keeping up with the latest advances in the cyber realm is critical. You must have a keen sense of analysis and exploration. A cybersecurity analyst's primary responsibilities include interpreting potential system vulnerabilities and developing preventative measures.

20. User Experience (UX) Researcher

UX jobs are highly lucrative and make it to the 100k income remote job list. A UX researcher observes customers and their behavior to figure out a company’s target audience or customer. UX researchers then create user-friendly and easy-to-use products, targeting the customer's needs. This job is as exciting as it sounds, with a pay scale of $122,897 per year.

21. Mobile Developer

Mobile app developers work on wide-ranging cellular device platforms by developing and implementing a mobile application and program source code. They choose the appropriate programming languages for each project and become familiar with the software development environment to operate in. In addition, mobile developers verify that each software or application fits the needs of their clients. A remote mobile developer can earn $126,656 per year.

22. iOS Developer

iOS developers create applications for mobile applications that use Apple's iOS operating system. They often use the Objective-C or Swift programming languages. iOS developers also maintain existing applications and ensure they meet all of their client's needs. Developer jobs are highly paid jobs since all their operations are performed on a laptop or computer using programming languages and other developments platforms. Moreover, there's a demand for iOS or other developers, which is why companies pay them so much. Remote iOS developers can earn $127,020 per year.

23. Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

DevOps engineers work alongside a team to implement infrastructure projects. Their job description also includes the protection of the cloud from viruses and other threats. They accomplish this by using code and employing secure automation solutions. Moreover, DevOps engineers must be familiar with the main DevOps tools and possess excellent software security abilities to accomplish this role. A DevOps engineer makes $127,273 per year.

24. Software Architect

Software architects are responsible for the development of software solutions and applications. Software architects design plans, whereas software developers implement them. Software architects work with stakeholders to identify software requirements and provide blueprints for the development team to follow. They also lend a hand to the development team as necessary. Software architects working remotely are earning $139,170 per year.

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