18 Remote Jobs for a Good Work-Life Balance

18 Remote Jobs for a Good Work-Life Balance

Remote jobs have emerged as a savior in the pandemic and also for individuals looking for a simpler professional life. Undoubtedly, remote jobs are lucrative for individuals, offering  them uncountable benefits, one being a good work-life balance. If you're interested in jumping on this bandwagon to maintain a work-life balance, you're in the right place!

Let’s check out some top remote jobs that can help you achieve a good work-life balance.

1. Web Designer

There are numerous remote jobs available for individuals in various industries. But when it comes to finding a remote job with the perfect work-life balance, the tech industry seems to be on top of the list. The tech industry offers various remote jobs but a web designer remote job can offer you the perfect balance.

Web designers are IT professionals that are responsible for designing a website’s appearance and aesthetics. Web designers need to have good technical skills along with creative skills and more to make the website appealing and user-friendly. Moreover, web designers can easily work from home while maintaining the perfect work-life balance since they need to dedicate a certain period to complete the website according to the client’s needs. Fortunately, a web designer earns quite well too, with an average salary of $46,447 per year.

2. Recruitment Coordinator

Individuals that aren’t familiar with the tech world and looking for remote jobs in the HR department can consider this one. Recruitment coordinators assist the human resources departments by coordinating the entire recruitment process. Their job entails making sure the candidates are successfully managed throughout the recruitment process.

Moreover, they assist candidates in navigating the interview and recruitment processes. They also produce employment offer letters, plan interviews, and conduct background checks on candidates. Recruitment coordinators can earn an average of $36,563 per year.

3. Remote Interpreter

The pandemic restrictions and geographical restrictions often get in the way of business operations. Luckily, technology has turned this around by allowing businesses to conduct virtual meetings. Moreover, this technology has opened doors to international business opportunities. However, there's one issue that arises is the language barrier. Luckily, whether it's in the physical world or the real world, an interpreter is always needed to bridge the linguistic gap.

Interpreters aid in the communication between individuals who speak different languages. They accomplish this by interpreting one language, translating it into another, and relaying the message verbally or in writing. Individuals can easily maintain a work-life balance through this job since they only need to be available during meetings or when both parties are available. Interpreters earn an average of $47,080 per year.

4. Social Media Manager

an illustration of Social media platform icons

Are you always scrolling through your social media? Imagine if you'd get paid for doing that; truly a dream! Well, guess what? This dream can come true! For every business, an important marketing tool is an online presence that companies and businesses need to leverage. That’s where a social media manager steps in!

A remote social media manager manages a firm’s social media handles.

They provide content for social media sites, reply to comments, and develop marketing campaigns as the brand's voice. So, if you’re stuck with a physical job that leaves you with no personal or family time, you can check out this remote job, and earn an average salary of $44,842 per year.

5. Marketing Coordinator

If you're stuck with a dead-end marketing job that drains you leaving you no personal time, this is the perfect job for you! A remote marketing coordinator constructs a company's marketing plans and tactics.

Their job description includes developing marketing strategies, arranging marketing events, and scheduling promotional presentations amongst other responsibilities. Moreover, they also plan  product launches and long-term strategic partnerships, earning an average salary of $45,112 per year.  

6. Remote Executive Assistant

Generally, executive assistants support firm executives with a variety of administrative chores. Making phone calls, sending out emails, generating financial statements, filing company reports, and taking messages are just a few of the responsibilities. They also assist CEOs with travel arrangements and calendar management.

Remote executive assistants follow the same job description, but they need to conduct all their responsibilities online rather than in-person. By doing so, employees can work efficiently, dedicating their hours to their work while finding the perfect balance between work and personal life. Moreover, remote executive assistants can earn quite well too, with an average salary of $55,852 per year.

7. Content Manager

Another excellent remote job is that of a content manager. Every business and company needs a strong brand identity to grab attention, or else they’ll fail to hit the sales and revenue needed to flourish. A strong aspect of brand identity is content, and content managers manage just that.

Content managers are in charge of organizing and overseeing a company's content to maintain a consistent brand identity. Creating, editing, and updating company content for relevance, ensuring information is error-free, and managing an organization's content staff are just a few of their tasks. Remote content managers can earn an average of $59,795 per year.

8. Technical Editor

Technical editors are information communicators that make it easier for both parties to share information. They proofread and edit technical writers' work, focusing on clarity, punctuation, grammar, and readability. Technical editors also develop training manuals and web content.

A remote technical editor's job description doesn't entail much, which indicates individuals can easily excel at this job if they have good grammar. As a result, individuals can find the right balance between their personal and professional lives. But that's not all these remote jobs offer! A remote technical editor can earn an average salary of $62,362 per year.

9. Client Manager

Whether businesses are functioning virtually or physically, the significance of client satisfaction remains unchanged. Businesses need to ensure their clients are satisfied and happy with their services and products, which can be an exhausting and tedious job. However, with a client manager on board, this can become a breeze.

Client managers serve as a communication link between a firm and its customers. They create customer connections, offer proposals, resolve problems, identify client needs, and cooperate with a company's internal departments in the pursuit of client satisfaction.

Client managers also utilize their problem-solving talents to help consumers deal with challenging situations. We understand how extensive the job description might seem but thanks to remote jobs, client managers can stay at home and do their jobs without any stress or trouble. And the best part is they can focus on their personal lives too while earning an average income of $64,010 per year.

10. SEO Manager


SEO managers are responsible for developing and maintaining a company’s SEO strategies. Their job description entails various content strategy mapping and link building.

Moreover, they also need to implement keywords and other strategies, resolve SEO problems, and more to ensure a company's website and other online tools rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Apart from being a relaxing remote job with numerous benefits, this remote job is also a highly profitable one, offering individuals an average income of $82,375 per year.

11. Creative Manager

A work-from-home creative designer working

This remote job is for all the art lovers and designers out there. Remote creative managers are in charge of a company's creative materials and media design and production. This entails overseeing all art, photography, video, and design assets utilized for various promotional objectives, including advertising and broadcasting.

Creative managers supervise a team of content creators and approve various projects while working in a company's creative department. This job requires a good knowledge of digital design tools and a creative imagination. The average yearly income for remote creative managers is $71,774.

12. User Experience (UX) Researcher

UX jobs are highly lucrative and make it to the 100k income remote job list. A UX researcher observes customers and their behavior to figure out a company’s target audience. UX researchers then create user-friendly and easy-to-use products, targeting the customer's needs. This job is as exciting as it sounds, with a pay scale of $122,897 per year.

13. PHP Developer A work-from-home PHP engineer working

Undoubtedly, the tech world has been on a rapid rise with developers ruling most of it. Developers aren’t just one of the highest paying jobs but some of the most sought after too. Amongst these various developers, a popular one is a PHP developer job. PHP developers are software engineers who construct websites, applications, and other web-based products using PHP, a general-purpose scripting language. Moreover, they’re responsible for developing back-end components as well as assisting front-end developers with application integration.

If you're fed up with your physical developer job, you can easily shift to this remote PHP developer one and lead a balanced life. You’ll be surprised to know that PHP developers can earn an average salary of $88,641 per year.

14. User Interface Designer

Web designers who research and analyze a web user's requirements are known as user interface designers. They apply their technical skills to guarantee that websites offer an excellent user experience through an appealing design style. These professionals can earn an income of $85,296 per year.

15. Data Science

Data science is indeed a revolution in the tech world that's affected every industry globally, making life simpler for individuals. Considering the significance of data science, it’s no secret there’s a huge demand for data scientists, making this remote job perfect for the data science pros out there.

To handle complicated data challenges, data scientists employ a variety of scientific methodologies and technical skills. Analyzing raw data, understanding the appropriate models for data, constructing statistical learning models, and conveying analytical results to a company's executive leadership roles are just a few of their tasks. To continue providing unique company solutions, data scientists must keep up with technological breakthroughs and the latest trends. Moreover, as a remote data scientist, you'll be earning an average of $122,865 per year.

16. Mobile Developer

Mobile app developers construct and maintain mobile apps. They are in charge of the design, testing, and release of a mobile application. Moreover, they write code and make recommendations to further improve these applications. Mobile developers also debug problems, identify flaws, and improve overall performance while earning an average of $117,311 per year.

17. Business Analyst

 A work-from-home business analyst working on their laptop

Generally, business analysts are responsible for examining and observing any firm’s systems, processes, and business models to detect any flaws and issues to come up with their solutions. Moreover, they leverage data analytics to advise improvements in a company’s management. A remote business analyst earns an average salary of $79,470 per year.

18. Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

A work-from-home engineer working

DevOps engineers need to coordinate with a team to employ infrastructure projects. Their job description entails protecting a firm’s cloud from any harmful viruses, threats, or harm. This is done by utilizing code implementing safe automation solutions.

Moreover, a remote DevOps engineer needs to be aware of DevOps tools and other vital information needed to tackle these problems. In addition, they also need to have good software security capabilities to do so. DevOps engineers earn an average of $127,273 per year.

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