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11 Most Popular Remote Jobs in 2021

11 Most Popular Remote Jobs in 2021

Remote work has significantly changed the way businesses and workplaces operate. It was already on the rise pre-pandemic because of the proliferation of technology and has become the most significant career trend since COVID-19 has upended our lives. Jobs that were once off-limits are now easily reachable, while the opportunities to earn more have never been higher.

According to statistics, just 17% of employees worked remotely before the pandemic, but by April 2021, 44% were working remotely five days a week.

Other studies demonstrate that while the number of remote workers may reduce, at least 22% are still projected to work fully remotely by 2025. This represents an increase of 87% from the pre-pandemic numbers.

But where should you search for a remote job that best suits your interests and offers a lucrative salary? We enlist for you the most popular and best-paying remote jobs of 2021 in descending order by average salary.

Highest Paying Remote Jobs

Several remote careers are offering salaries over $100,000. Some of these job opportunities require a degree – usually a bachelor’s. However, the investment can be worth the potential returns. If you’ve got the degree and you’re hoping to pivot to a role offering remote work possibilities, now is a great time to explore your options.

However, if you intend to pursue your career in a new field without years of training or school, you can look for various remote entry-level jobs paying well. 

Back-End Software Engineer

With a salary of around $126,880, back-end engineers build and manage the server software and databases powering applications behind the scenes. Individuals are likely to perform well in this position if they have a detail-oriented approach and possess string-problem-solving skills.

This job will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a strong command of common programming languages like PHP and Ruby.

Front-End Software Engineer

These workers are responsible for creating the user interface of applications using programming languages like JavaScript. They work with designers and back-end engineers, so they need to have excellent communication skills to succeed in this role.  

Working remotely as a front-end software engineer will allow flexible working hours, a more attainable work-life balance, and a boost in productivity for your company.

Telehealth Nurse Practitioner

Remote nurse practitioners work closely with medical doctors to provide telemedicine services to patients. They're responsible for diagnosing conditions, recommending lifestyle changes, prescribing medications, and recommending special care.  

Telemedicine uses tools like computers, audio and visual accessories, and telephones to carry out their duties and deliver medical care.  

Product Manager

Product Managers make strategic decisions to ensure the success of their company’s new products or services. Moreover, they’re responsible for coordinating product launches across various departments, so they’ll need to hone your organizational and managerial skills. The role of a remote product manager is the same as their office-based counterparts. 

Web Developer

The responsibility of a web developer is to design, build and maintain websites while ensuring that they're functional and visually appealing. Daily activities that they perform include updating code, backing up files, and coordinating with designers on website layouts. Though this job requires no degree, you should have top-notch design skills, fluency in programming languages like XML and HTML.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents sell, lease, and rent residential and commercial properties. They can earn an attractive commission-based salary while working remotely.   

Amidst the pandemic, the new regulations forced real estate agents to reconsider their abilities to work from home effectively. Moreover, the rapid shift toward a virtual workforce has modernized the real estate industry to a great extent. Real estate agents are now using virtual tour platforms to enable remote transactions across the industry.         

Success Coach

If one is optimistic and fond of motivating their family and friends, they can opt for this job. Success coaches help clients identify their goals and overcome any obstacles preventing them from achieving them. All they need is a coaching certification from an accredited organization. The job can be done remotely using online technology as well as audio and visual accessories.


Those who like to work with children and young adults can choose to become tutors. While the education industry is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years, there’s already a sizeable online market that consists of teachers embracing technological innovations.

Industries Offering Remote Career Paths

Not all industries are offering remote working in the same ways. Considering this, you could search for remote work opportunities in some leading industries with the highest remote potential. Discover some of the top industries with in-demand jobs for remote workers.    


Since cyber threats and cyber-crime are on the rise, cybersecurity has been the foremost priority for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, there was a 600% increase in cyber-crime amidst the pandemic, which means many people have been working from home on unsecured networks.

All these considerations demonstrate that expertise in cybersecurity will likely be high in demand in various professions. As a result, there has been a significant rise in cybersecurity-related jobs.       

Digital Marketing

Studies confirm that digital marketing is one of the best-growing spaces for remote workers. That's because marketing is focusing more on digital solutions as a major part of the plan. This means that more digital marketing jobs will be available for remote workers.

Customer Service

The pandemic has largely affected the already growing E-Commerce sector. While people were isolated at home, online deliveries from retailers were the only source for consumers to purchase goods. This was signified by a 44% growth in E-Commerce sales.

Along with a massive increase in online purchasing, delayed delivery times represented an increase in the need for remote customer services. A remote customer service job can also be a great stepping stone to higher-paying positions.  

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