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10 Places You Can Work From If You Have a Remote Job

10 Places You Can Work From If You Have a Remote Job

Remote working is every employee's dream. Why? Simply due to the convenience and other benefits it offers. For remote employees accustomed to remote working, things are pretty simple. However, there might be way too many distractions for a new remote employee that may cause trouble focusing. Luckily, there are numerous go-to spots where remote working employees can work distraction-free.

Wondering what these places are? Let's look at someplace where you can work if you have a remote job.

Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are one of the most popular options for remote workers since they offer an environment similar to an office. They offer remote employees a dedicated workspace and additional office equipment such as meeting rooms, printers, office supplies, etc. Some co-working spaces also offer snacks, private phone booths, networking events, and more.

These amenities make this a valuable place to work remotely, but they have one major drawback—hefty pricing. Co-working spaces can be quite pricey since a dedicated desk comes at an average monthly price of $387. Sure, this might seem reasonable for some individuals, but some employees might be on the lookout for cheaper alternatives.

However, if you're fine with the prices, co-working spaces can improve your productivity, making it worth it.

Coffee Shops

If co-working spaces seem like an expensive option, we have tons of alternatives available for you. One of the most reliable options many remote employees opt for are coffee shops.

Coffee shops have been a go-to stop for remote employees. But why? The answer is simple: Who wouldn’t want to have a stock of caffeine and snacks right near them when working?

But that's not all that makes them so appealing. Remote working requires an active internet connection, and all coffee shops have WiFi access for their customers. We know what you’re wondering; you’re thinking about the noisy and busy environment, right? Well, you'll be surprised to know how beneficial this 'coffee shop' buzz can be. A coffee shop environment can offer remote employees a comfortable yet productive environment despite the noise. Research shows background noise actually improves productivity levels.

Check Out Your Local Library

If you get distracted too easily, then we have the perfect place for you to work remotely —a library! A library is an excellent option to work from, especially when you want to achieve maximum productivity.

Nothing beats your local library when you need to get things done. It's free of distractions, has WiFi, and you can borrow books in case you need any help. In addition, some libraries include special features that can help you get inspired when you need them.

The best part? All you need is a free library card, which you may get at any time. However, it has one drawback—it isn't the best place to be if you need to make phone calls or attend a virtual meeting.

Hotel Lobbies

Can't work at home for some reason? Don't worry; we've got you! How about working from a hotel lobby? Hotels have numerous amenities and an environment that promotes productivity. Hotels offer WiFi, proper seating, and controlled background noise, making it a convenient and feasible option to work remotely from.

You can always head over to the hotel café or bar and enjoy some snacks and drinks while you work away!

Public Parks

Numerous studies suggest that being surrounded by nature enhances your mood and productivity. That’s why during those beautiful, bright days, public parks are one of the ideal places to work from. Oh, but that isn't the best part! At a public park, you're free to stay as long as you please without worrying about any disruptions.

But what about an internet connection? You can always use a WiFi hotspot or your Smartphone for one.


If you’re a student working a part-time remote job, then things just got a lot easier for you! Your college or university campus can be an excellent place to work from. The best part is that you can have everything you need without worrying about leaving. Campuses have libraries, computers, stable internet connections, lounges, cafeterias, etc., making them the perfect spot to work from.


Ever wondered about working from a museum? As absurd as this may sound, it can be a great idea! Museum cafes provide access to amenities such as WiFi connections, exhibits, and more. Moreover, they're quiet, ensuring that you work without any distractions.

Plus, whenever you need a break, you can wander around and take in the art around you, and maybe get inspired by it too!


We can’t imagine a better place to work from than a spot with the perfect ambiance, some delicious food, and WiFi! That’s why working from a restaurant has to be an ideal remote working space. As long as you order something at the restaurant, working there for a while wouldn't be a problem.

However, if you're still not okay with that idea, you can always go to a mall's food court and work from there.


No, we're not talking about drinking while working. That's a big NO! Usually, bars aren’t the ideal place to work from. However, bars don't have the usual hustle and bustle during the afternoons. That's why you could always go over to a nearby bar and continue working there without any stress or worry. Sure, you can't drink at work, but you can order lunch and enjoy a meal.

Moreover, not every microbrewery serves just beer, and they also brew their own coffee. So you can order a coffee and get to work!


Coffee shop bookstores are becoming increasingly common, making them the perfect working environments. Why? Reading spaces and cafes offer a peaceful environment, making it easier for you to concentrate and focus. In addition, you can always support these bookstores by purchasing productivity books.

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