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Forget The 9-5 Hassle of Working in a Monotonous Environment!

Do you feel exhausted after a 9-5 shift? We understand that it can be challenging to maintain a work-life balance with an office job. However, with remote jobs, you can have a flexible schedule. And cherry on top, you dream big and take that opportunity to work at your desired banking institution.

Why Taking a Remote Banking Job is The Best Option?

Firstly, you can get in touch with international experts and work along with them. It'll not only broaden your horizon but will also pave the way to countless opportunities in the future and will make it easier for you to climb the ladder of success.

By working with global experts, you become more versatile. It’ll help you find your feet in this industry.

That's not all! The best part is that you don't need to worry about relocating. You no longer need to choose between either living with your family or taking that dream job!

Count on RemoteGurus

Don't know how you’ll find the remote job that suits your expertise? We’ve made the process very easy for you. All you need to do is simply browse through our website and look for jobs, according to your preference. Whether you want to work as an accountant or a loan manager, simply type in the keywords in search bar, and you’ll get countless options.

Our standard subscription allows you to browse through unlimited remote jobs.

You can take your application one step ahead to grow your network and get in touch with over 1000 employers through our professional subscription. You can also seek guidance from our expert career counselors for a resume revision.

Don't have a resume that can impress employers? You can create a profile with us. Don’t worry about putting your personal information out there; we don’t share the information with companies and organizations without your consent!

RemoteGurus - A Simple Solution For The Employers!

Are you struggling to find the best candidates who can prove to be a valuable asset for your financial institute?

You can simply count on RemoteGurus!

Looking for international employees isn't difficult anymore! All you need to do is browse through the website.

We offer three annual packages to help you find the potential candidates who can truly make a difference to your team with their skills.





This package is ideal if you're setting up a new banking institution and need a skilled candidate from another country to help you out.










If you’ve got a growing business, get our business package. It allows posting 7 jobs that'll be active for a month.

You can also reach out to 100,000+ employees! This package also allows you to boost one job post.






If you’ve got an international banking institute and want to grow your sales, this plan may be the best one for you.

You can post unlimited job openings and sponsor around 25 job posts.

You can reach out to 1,000,000 remote job seekers.



*Our prices for these plans differ for monthly or annual payments.

You can enjoy a free trial for these subscriptions, and we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With RemoteGurus, you're only one step away from finding great talent from different countries. If you want to build a strong workforce, don't forget to sign up to post the jobs on our website!

We're just going to put it simply for you to understand how the remote jobs industry is making waves globally; let's take a look at this stat. An average remote-work employee earns up to USD 85,000! We bet you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity!

Try your luck with finding a full-time or part-time banking job with RemoteGurus. We have thousands of hand-screened jobs for the banking sector.

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