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Our team at RemoteGurus has rounded up the perfect remote jobs for your creative soul!

Creativity knows no bounds, and this couldn’t be truer for the art and entertainment industry that’s always found a way and continues to evolve every day.

As an artist, you’d always find opportunities to showcase your talent, but not all jobs appreciate creativity the way it should be celebrated and rewarded.

At RemoteGurus, our team has worked with several arts, entertainment, and media companies to curate a list of excellent remote opportunities for our users. These jobs will help you develop your creative skills further while taking you several steps towards your career goals.

Art & Entertainment Jobs We’ve Picked For You!

These amazing remote jobs in the art & entertainment industry will help you achieve all your career goals.

Art Project Manager

Production Artist

Technical Artist Creative Director

Creative Campaign Director  

Concept Artist

Art Director

Creative Operations Manager

Senior Visual Content Designer

Graphic Designer

Group Creative Director

Photo Producer (Hybrid)

Visual Services Manager

Multimedia Designer

Web Graphic Designer

Digital Designer

Executive Assistant (For Photographer/Remote)

Video Production & Editing

Design Coordinator

Content Producer

3D Model & Texture Artist

Game Producer

3D Artist & Animator

Concept Artist

Art Project Manager

Audio book Narrator  

Entertainment Editor   

Comics Editor

Multimedia Instructional Editor

Film Production

Art & Design Manager

Voice over Artist (Remote)

3D Room Artist

Assistant Curator


Why Work Remotely As An Artist?

It's all about creativity when it comes to the art and entertainment industry. And for a lot of artists, being in their own space is crucial for them to be able to give their best.

Here are some other worthwhile perks of working from home as an artist:

  • Flexible Timings
  • Higher Productivity
  • Work At Your Own Pace
  • Less Stress From Having To Commute Long Distances
  • Familiar Spaces
  • Creative Freedom To A Great Extent
  • Can Use Your Own Tools And Equipment
  • Easier To Get Inspired From Moving About Without Restrictions

How Can RemoteGurus Help?

At RemoteGurus, our team is committed to helping companies connect with serious remote workers as efficiently as possible. We’ve made the process simple and done all the hard work, so you have to.

Whether you’re an artist looking for remote work or a company hoping to hire a reliable remote artist—RemoteGurus has got you!

Our Users Have Something To Say…

As a graphic designer, I’ve always found myself being more creative at home in my own space than anywhere else. This is probably why I haven’t enjoyed any of my work experiences so far because they all required me to be in a controlled workspace with fixed timings and too many rules—freelancing is so much better. But freelancing doesn’t always work, so I’m glad I have RemoteGurus to help me find a suitable remote job when I need it.


“As a voice over artist, I’ve done some incredible work over the years, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed my work. But unfortunately, the pandemic took a toll on my career—recording studios were closed, and I was out of work for a while there. But then I built my own home studio, and thanks to RemoteGurus, I have a full-time remote position as a voice over artist for an audio book company!”


“I lost my job as an art director and was pretty devastated until I came across RemoteGurus. This job portal had so many job postings that suited my qualifications and expertise—I didn’t even know about some of these positions before I signed up!

I’m so happy with the 3 job offers I’ve got and can hardly figure out which one to pick since they’re all so great!”